Cupcake Nails

by - 1/22/2013

Every now and then, real life can inspire art. In this case, it was a very real cupcake from a shop called Sublime Cupcakes. I haven't had one in a while, but trust me... they are delicious! Pictured below is Vanilla Squared... the inspiration for my Thanksgiving 2011 Manicure.

Essie Marshmallow Glitter Sandwich
Essie Marshmallow, Milani Gems

This might be an old manicure, but I still remember which polishes I used to create the look. Must've been the delicious sugar-cookie taste that is Vanilla Squared! I can't tell you how many coats of each, but this mani features Milani Gems sandwiched in between coats of Essie Marshmallow to create a look identical to the icing on my cupcake. I also used Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler to make a smooth base, and Seche-Vite to make it dry super fast! 

Jelly Glitter Sandwiches were a big thing for me during the fall of 2011. Making the leap to a "milky glitter sandwich" was only natural. Layering glitter this way might tone down the sparkle of the glitter, but it also ups the sophistication factor. It's no wonder that mainstream companies are catching on and releasing their own takes on the trend.

Have you tried a milky glitter sandwich yet?

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