Deviations, Inspiration, and Procrastination...

by - 1/11/2013

Writers block happens. Creative challenges happen. Procrastination happens. When I'm facing any of these 3 problems... I have a site I like to visit to inspire me.


Founded in 2000... it's a social network for artists to post their work online for peer review. I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but this site will do wonders to get your creative juices flowing. It's a place where you can truly surf the interwebs and find some really cool stuff.

For instance... a simple search on glitter yielded this pretty picture:

sparkle glitter drops

A few clicks later, and I found a really cool tattoo idea...

bird tattoo

both from the same deviantArt user, violetkitty92. She actually drew these birds on her wrist, but I think this would make an awesome tattoo! I love the placement and everything. I clicked around her gallery, and it's full of some pretty amazing stuff.

And that's the cool thing about deviantArt. You can be looking for one thing, and your search suddenly goes in a completely different direction. That brief change in direction can be just the perspective you need!

I'll post more deviations as I stumble across them...

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