Nail Spam: Glitter Edition

by - 1/11/2013

So I mentioned my old blog Polish and Prose, right? I have a weakness for a good jelly glitter sandwich and love layering with glitter. Here's some spam featuring some of my favorite manicures. Beware though, these are absolute glitterbombs! Enjoy!!!

OPI Not Like the Movies Glitter Layering
OPI Not Like the Movies with Unknown Glitter

Essie As Gold as it Gets, Revlon Fashionista
Essie As Gold as it Gets over Revlon Fashionista

Essie Vanity Fairest Layering
Essie Vanity Fairest with Unknown Gold Glitter

Glittered Concrete
Glittered Concrete (Franken)

Pink Valentine's Mani
Pink Valentine Layering

Red Valentine's Mani
Red Valentine Layering

Strawberry Jelly Glitter Sandwich
Strawberry Jelly Glitter Sandwich

Faye by Zoya
Zoya Faye with Unknown Glitter

SOPI Sugarplum Faeries Gone Wild, Revlon Bare Bones
Glitter Gradient with SOPI Sugar Plum Faeries Gone Wild over Revlon Bare Bones

China Glaze Twinkle Lights
Christmas Glitter Gradient: China Glaze Twinkle Lights over Unknown Red

Unicorn Puke Dupe Attempt 1
Unicorn Puke Recreation: Attempt 1

Unicorn Puke Dupe Attempt 2
Unicorn Puke Recreation: Attempt 2

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