Zoya Katherine

by - 1/11/2013

Prior to becoming pregnant, I had a nail polish blog called Polish and Prose. It was a ton of fun posting pictures and reviewing new polishes. My husband bought me my very own Helmer and challenged me to fill it up. I took that challenge in stride for about a month. I'm embarassed proud to say that I own over 100 different bottles of nail polish, possibly more!

Anyhoo... Jelly polishes quickly became one of my FAVORITE finishes. And don't even get me started on how much I love Jelly Glitter Sandwiches. *sigh* I haven't painted my nails in a WHILE, but this is the last manicure I sported. Katherine by Zoya, from the New York Fashion Week Gloss Collection.

Let me just start by posting the promo pic of Katherine from Zoya's website.

Zoya Katherine
Zoya Katherine

Their description of this lovely color is: "A sheer, dark, red-toned aubergine, oxblood with a buildable jelly gloss finish. The jelly gloss formula can be worn alone or layered to create an endless variety of custom colors. Color originally created for fashion designer Peter Som."

Katherine is definitely a warm red-toned purple, but it looks FAR different on the nail than what Zoya pictures on their website. Waaaaay more purple than oxblood in my opinion.

Zoya Katherine
Katherine by Zoya

Zoya Katherine
Zoya Katherine with glitter accent nail

Even if it's not exactly the shade of oxblood I was after, it's still a gorgeous color. Reminds me of a grape lollipop! I added a little extra pop with a glitter accent nail. Here you can see the accent on ring finger of my left hand. I also accented my index finger and pinky on my left hand.

Application was great. I couldn't tell you how many coats it took to get this look because it's been so long, but it was definitely more than 3. I used Beauty Secrets ridge filler as my base, and Seche Vite Dry-Fast top coat for added shine. I can't remember which glitter I used for my accent nails... best guess would be either SOPI Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild or Flurry Up.

I haven't picked up the other 2 shades in the NYFW Gloss collection. I'm not really in the market for a teal jelly like Frida, and Paloma was a little too berry colored for my taste.

Have you picked up any of the shades from Zoya's Gloss collection? Which is your favorite?

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