Be My Valentine...

by - 2/14/2013

It's Peanut's first Valentine's Day, so we spent the day... well, pretty much how we spend every other day. I woke up to a smiley, cooing baby and we had a little chat while I changed her diaper.

Good Morning Mommy!

Valentine Baby
Val-en-tine's Day you say? Hmmm...

 I tried to explain Valentine's Day to her... really, I did! I even cut out a ton of hearts for her to get in the spirit of the Holiday.

Valentine Heart Baby
Wait, What's this?

I have to admit, I was a little worried she would try to eat some of the hearts. We're at that phase where the hand is CONSTANTLY going in her mouth. Luckily for me, she wanted nothing to do with the hearts. Her hand was a thousand times more interesting.

Really Mom?

Not my best side...

Mo-oooom. No Mas!

Once we cleaned up the paper hearts, I thought, maybe a little tummy time... Plus I wanted to capture that ah-dorable heart on her butt. I know... That lasted for about a whole 15 seconds and literally the 3 photos above. The little lip was starting to quiver and a meltdown was brewing.

Bottle Time.

After breakfast, we took a couple of pictures to send to Daddy...

Pouty Valentine
Pwease Daddy?

Pwease, oh pwease say yes...


Love. That's what Valentine's Day is really all about. Not the commercialization... it's about being in love and celebrating that precious gift. So, from my little family to yours... Happy Valentine's Day!

That's all we got! See ya next time!!!

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