Hard Candy Spring 2013 UPDATE!

by - 2/28/2013

Spotted at WalMart last evening...

Candy Sprinkles, Glitteratzi, Crystal Confetti, Itsy Glitzy, and Chrushed Chromes by Hard Candy
Hard Candy Nail Polish Display!

Wish it would've been full of polishy goodness, but at least I know my local store will carry it! I asked an associate working in the beauty section if she had any idea when the polishes would be coming, but she couldn't tell me. She did however inform me that some of the other polishes were getting complete display revamps. I believe Pure Ice might've been one of them, but she's not a regular in that section, so don't quote me on that! I also have no idea if the revamp is exclusive to my particular store, or all stores in general. Either way, I'm super excited... I can't tell you how much I love hitting these displays when they are super fresh and full of choices!!! My wallet on the other hand...

Let the beauty department stalking begin!

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