Hard Candy Spring 2013

by - 2/27/2013

In the nail polish world, Hard Candy is iconic. Infamous even. When Sky debuted, a revolution began. No, seriously! Hard Candy was among the first of the nail polish companies to think outside of reds and pinks. When their new spring line debuts, they're introducing a completely restyled bottle, minus the gummy/plastic ring we've all come to know and love. The new line boasts 45 nail polishes... some of which you really should be excited about! Take a look at my picks...

Hard Candy Nail Polish
(L to R:) Party Central, Jubilee, Black Tie Optional, Peach Pop, Piece of Papaya, Little Bo Pink, Masquerade, Sugar Rush, Gummy Green, Hip Hip Hooray, Pink Taffy, Crush on Gold, Crush on Lava, Fun 'N Festive, Fireworks, Cotton Candy Pink, Fire Flash, and Glitter Jam.

 And here they are in alphabetical order:

Black Tie Optional by Hard Candy
Black Tie Optional
Hard Candy Cotton Candy Pink
Cotton Candy Pink

Crush on Gold by Hard Candy
Crush on Gold

Crush on Lava by Hard Candy
Crush on Lava

Hard Candy Fire Flash
Fire Flash

Hard Candy Fireworks

Hard Candy Fun 'N Festive
Fun 'N Festive

Hard Candy Glitter Jam
Glitter Jam

Hard Candy Gummy Green
Gummy Green
Hard Candy Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray

Hard Candy Jubilee

Hard Candy Little Bo Pink
Little Bo Pink

Masquerade by Hard Candy

Hard Candy Party Central
Party Central

Hard Candy Peach Pop
Peach Pop

Pink Taffy by Hard Candy
Pink Taffy

Hard Candy Piece of Papaya
Piece of Papaya

Sugar Rush by Hard Candy
Sugar Rush
My top 3 include Black Tie Optional, Jubilee, and Party Central. It's about time for an affordable and wearable black and white glitter from a mainstream company! Jubilee is all kinds of fun in a bottle, and Party Central looks like it will be amazing to layer with.

I'm really impressed by this collection. Hard Candy obviously took the time to do their research, because a lot of these polishes look like they should be coming from indie brands, not a mainstream polish company. It's a great time to rejuvenate the line, and while you might be sad to see the rings go, the sheer originality of these shades make up for it. Personally, I can't wait to snap up my faves from this collection! The best part is, at $3.97 a pop, you can pick up quite a few polishes without too much wallet damage! Hard Candy polishes are sold exclusively at WalMart, and I've been on the hunt at my local stores each time I visit!

For a complete look at Hard Candy's Spring 2013 Collection, visit their Facebook page.

Which shades are you planning on adding to your collection? Have you spotted any yet?!?

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