Layering: Copper Gradient

by - 2/26/2013

This mani is brought to you by my OTHER Valentine presents... two bottles of BlackHeart Nail Polish... The one I wore over the weekend is Copper... a dark brown metallic polish with a copperish tint. Fitting, huh?


Blackheart Cosmetics are sold at Spencer's Gift Stores. They have a bunch of interesting colors, and something they call "stack" polish. Basically three polishes layered in the same bottle, so you get a little of each color with each dip. While a nice idea in theory, I've never owned a polish like this. I would probably accidentally shake the bottle up or something, completely ruining the concept!

Copper is a shade that was definitely lacking in my collection. I have a few darker brown-toned reds, but no real brown polishes to speak of. Since I could only go a whole two days before picking up Essie As Gold As It Gets again, I layered that and SOPI Traffic Stopper Copper to make a gradient. (Someone just needs to take that polish away from me. It's like crack or something.) 

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats Blackheart Copper (not quite a one-coater, but close!)
1 coat Essie As Gold As It Gets
1 Coat SOPI Traffic Stopper Copper
1 Coat Seche Vite

This is my first dark brown polish, and I have to say, if you're afraid of trying brown, Copper by Blackheart is a great way to start. The metallic finish adds interest and you can always layer some glitter on top to add a little extra sparkle. This mani totally reminded me of chocolate and definitely made me hungry for chocolate... So naturally I had coffee instead. (Don't worry, I had chocolate a little later. Shhhh... Don't tell!) It matched my Dunkin' Donuts cup, so I snapped a pic of that, too. Starbucks isn't the only coffee brand in nail land. (Hey, that rhymed!)

Normally, I wear black if I want to be edgy, but this polish had a dark edginess to it too. Dark yet warm at the same time. I accidentally bumped my pinky and smudged it pretty badly while sleeping, so I had to take this off after only 2 days. Had it not been for that, I definitely would've worn it longer. This is one of those manis that just went with everything! 

And I apologize for not taking my pics with the actual bottle in hand... but hey! At least these are pretty close to natural light even though it's artificial lighting. :)

Is there any color of polish missing from your collection? Is it simple oversite, or do you not-so-secretly detest a certain color? (Orange, I'm looking at you.)

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