Layering: OPI Pamplona Purple

by - 2/12/2013

This manicure actually has a bit of a funny story behind it. It's an old one from the archives, and it was actually inspired by another blogger. Actually, my obsession with layering manicures comes from reading her blog and drooling over her pics. Ladies and Gentlemen... The Swatchaholic. Although her layout has since changed, her old layout had a very sparkly purple polish dripping down and this was my best attempt at recreating that look. Surprise, Surprise... Another Jelly Glitter Sandwich!

Pamplona Purple Jelly Glitter Sandwich
Natural Light

Purple Jelly Glitter Sandwich

Grape Jelly Glitter Sandwich

I wore this manicure so long ago, I can't even tell you what polishes I used. I know the base was OPI Pamplona Purple, but I'm not sure what glitter I used, or what polish topped off the sandwich. If I had to guess, I'd say Sally Hansen Purple Pizazz, but it could've been OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-Y? I'm really not sure. I do remember that I wore this for a little while. Definitely one of my fave manis... wonder why? Maybe something to do with the fact that it's purple?!?

Where does your polish inspiration come from?

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