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by - 2/11/2013

Over the weekend, I took some time to re-organize my stash. Peanut watched me as I organized all my bottles on the floor, supervising from the plushy comfort of her lamby chair. She was a little fussy... but you'd probably be fussy too if you had all that nail polish in front of you and weren't allowed to paint your nails... I know I would be!!!

Bottles... Bottles everywhere!

Pretty good mix of colors and brands if I do say so myself...

Heart. Polish.

Organization is KEY when you have a lot of something, and it's funny how re-organizing makes you realize things. Like for instance, before I had my helmer, I thought I had a lot of nail polish. Then, when my husband surprised me with one for Christmas, he commented that I needed to work on filling it up. I had more space in the drawers than I knew what to do with.

Of course I took that statement and ran with it, and my helmer began filling up pretty fast. As I was emptying it out, I thought about how many polishes I had, and I would've guessed over 200. Because I have a lot of polish, right?

Only I don't. Not really. My collection is really just getting started.

The second thing I realized, is that I have done a decent job of not duplicating polishes across brands. Even if my collection isn't huge, I have a working idea of what colors I have and don't have. I'm still working on rounding out my collection, but most of the shade I have are unique. Yay for that!

I have a proclivity for purple polish. Seriously... the top drawer in my helmer holds red, pink, orange, and yellow polish, the 2nd holds green and blue, the 4th holds glitters and metallics, the 5th holds whites, blacks, clears, and neutrals, but the 3rd... That drawer holds purple. Exclusively. My favorite color polish is definitely purple, and my least favorite is orange. I own 2 orange polishes, 1 of which I bought recently, because it was a deal I couldn't pass up. Half price for OPI Y'All Come Back, Ya Hear? I know, you would've bought it too.

At the moment, I can't say I have too many immediate polish lemmings. I haven't liked a whole collection for quite some time, but I've been away from the game for a little bit. Unicorn Pee and Unicorn Puke are still at the top of the list, though. Probably will be for a little while... And as far as that 2nd Helmer on my wish list...  I could just fill up the other one first, but then how would I justify buying more polish? I think that's what they call a first world problem...

Back to my stash... If you're looking for a way to organize your polish, you can't beat the Helmer from Ikea. Mine was a gift and assembled for me, but it didn't look that difficult to put it together. It's great because the bottles stand up inside the drawers, making sure your polish won't spill. I won't cry over spilled milk, but depending on the shade, I might shed quite a few tears over spilled polish.

What organization system do you use for your polish collection?

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