One Sick Little Peanut...

by - 2/01/2013

It's been a little while since my last haul... I haven't had any NOTD's in a while either... That's because Peanut is sick. Bless her little heart. Not only does she have bronchiolitis... she also has an ear infection. So she got a prescription and hopefully will be on the mend shortly.

Three times a day, we'll be giving her breathing treatments with a nebulizer. Now, the one we got has a pretty plain mask, but I was doing some research and found 2 super fun masks that I think she might like a WHOLE lot better...

Dino Nebulizer
RAWR! Dinosaur mask for my little pterodactyl?

Fishy Nebulizer
Or a fishy like Nemo? GLUB GLUB!!!

These might make the treatments a lot more fun for Peanut. Despite the fact that she's not feeling well at all and should be looking something like this:

Unhappy Baby
Not. Happy.
Grumpy Baby

But she's actually being such a little trooper, smiling and cooing just as much as ever.

Lamby Baby
Sticking her tongue out at mama.

Baby Smiles

<3 <3 <3 Love. Her.

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