Peanut & Cereal

by - 2/21/2013

Peanut had her 4 month check up last Friday... Not only did she get a new round of shots (and learn to hit some new high notes) she got the okay to start solid food! Rice cereal here we come!!!

Rice Cereal for Baby
Looks like glue. Smells like glue. Tastes like glue. Blech.

Baby Cereal
In her big girl chair staring at that biiiiiiiiiiig bowl.

Cereal Mustache
Cereal Mustaches are the new black.

First Bites
I'm not so sure about this mom...

First Feeding
Final Verdict: Ate half. Wore half.

While I still haven't tasted her formula, I did actually sample this to try and make a point that it was yummy and she should eat it. It was not yummy, but thankfully Peanut seemed to think it was! She did really well. And by really well, I mean that half of it made it into her stomach. Not bad for her first try! Not sure what was cuter, her grabbing the spoon and trying to feed herself, or trying to shove her hand in her mouth at the same time that the spoon was going in. Little girl, you have no idea how entertaining and funny you are without even trying!!!

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