Snow Day? No, Not Really...

by - 2/08/2013

So this snowstorm we're supposed to be getting still hasn't started... It's been raining on and off all day, but nothing much of what they were calling for... Maybe the storm is moving slower than they originally thought? Either way... my mom took the day off because of the crazy weather, and that means that Peanut took the day off from daycare and got to spend a whole day with Grandma. LUCKY HER!!!

So what does a girl in PA wear on a snowday like today? Well... I'm almost always freezing so something like this...

Snowday Outfit
Snowday Outfit of the Day

Nothing earth-shattering or incredibly fashion forward here. When it's going to be snowy and cold... I dress to be WARM... hence my trusty Uggs and a tres warm sweater! In the future, when I do an Outfit of the Day, I'll try to wear something a little more stylish. This is pretty basic... :)

What do you wear on those it's-gonna-snow-a-billion-inches-freezing-cold kind of days?

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