5 Things: March 2013

by - 3/22/2013

This is a fun trend going around the internet... I'm not sure where it started, but people are tagging each other on their blogs, on Instagram accounts... basically all of social media. Given the nature of this blog and my search for myself, 5 Things fits right in! Look for this to be a continuing series here at Seize the Sparkle.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
And yes... I actually baked the ones you see here!

1. I microwave my chocolate chip cookies so they taste like they've just come from the oven.  Just a couple of seconds in the microwave turns them into a deliciously warm treat. So much better than just eating them cold. When I make a batch, I always sample at least 3 at that perfect stage of gooey goodness. Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite. Hands down. And I make delicious Chocolate chip cookies from scratch... :)

Pretty Notebooks

2. I have a slight obsession with buying pretty journals and blank books... and not using them. I always have a notebook on me, just in case I have an idea or need to jot something down on the fly. My current book is a composition book with a soft cover from Pink Light Design. I have a pretty decent collection of blank books and notebooks! They range from basic spiral notebooks to buttery soft embossed leather journals. Some I've owned for over 5 years. They seriously just collect dust, because they're either too pretty to use, or I just don't have the perfect plan for them yet. If I see one I'd like to buy while shopping, I tell myself to put it down and walk away, because I know I have so many that I need to use first... oO

Yes... I write really hard on purpose.

2b. I love the sound of crunchy handwritten pages. I even push a little harder when I write in order to achieve this. It's also why I prefer ballpoint pens. Weird, huh?

Short Nails, Nubs
No clickety-clacking here!!!

3. Despite the fact that I regularly paint and photograph my nails, and that my nails are great at growing, I can't stand it when they get too long. And long for me is insanely short for most people. I type a LOT... and one thing I can't stand is the sound of my nails click, click, clicking as I'm type, type, typing away. It seriously irks me.

Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser
My makeup remover. When I remember.

4. I go to bed/fall asleep without taking my makeup off. A lot. It's a really bad habit. More often than not, I wake up looking like a cross between Ricky Racoon and a Zombie. Not. A. Good. Look. For whatever reason, I seem to touch my face a whooooooole lot while I'm sleeping with makeup on. The best is when I wake up with eyeliner smudges on my nose AND forehead. I'd use the excuse that I have a 5 month old, but truth is... I was doing this long before she was born!

PaperMate Profile Elite Pens
PaperMate Profile Elite ballpoint pens.

5. I'm a little bit of a pen snob, and when I find a kind I like, I can justify owning them in every color available. PaperMate Profile and Pilot G2 07's were my trusted go-to pens until my last birthday. My sister introduced me to the PaperMate Profile Elite pens, and whoa! They just gliiiiiiide over the paper like butter. Butter, I tell you! Definitely my new faves.

What about you? Care to share one random thing about yourself?!?

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