Layering: Birthday Glitter Sandwich

by - 3/12/2013

Happy, Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday to me! This year's Birthday manicure is one I've wanted to try for a while... Inspired by this manicure... I decided to rock mine as a Jelly Glitter Sandwich rather than a Glitter Gradient and I really love how it turned out...

Contrast Glitter Manicure

Jelly Glitter Sandwich

Pink Glitter Sandwich

Pink Glitter Purple Polish Layering

Contrast Mani MACRO

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coat SinfulColors Blue By You
2 Coats FingerPaints Twisted
1 Coat Milani Gems
2 Coats OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-Y?
1 Coat Seche Vite

This is such an awesome looking mani that I just might keep it on for another day or two... :) It has so many different levels of interest... That's one of my favorite things about layering manicures.

Blue By You provides the base for this layering, a bright blue with a hint of blue shimmer. In all honesty, I would probably never wear this shade alone. It looked great in the bottle, but morphed into something completely different on my nails. Yick.

Next, I added 2 coats of Twisted by FingerPaints. Twisted is a multicolor flaky that just got lost in the mix. I see a fleck here or there, but honestly, this polish didn't add as much to the party as I thought it would. It's rare for a layer to fade into such obscurity in one of my manicures. Next time, I would add it over the glitter or skip it altogether.

1 coat of Milani Gems is all it took to coat my nails with a ton of glitter. This is my go-to multicolor glitter, and I haven't said it before, but the glitter payoff of this polish is just amazing. Very few glitters are good to go with just one coat, and when you're doing a layering like this... okay, so I've got 9 layers anyway, but still. It could've been 10 or more! This is the only Milani glitter I have, so I have no idea if their other glitters are just as good. I wouldn't doubt it!

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-Y rounds out this manicure and really gives it the effect I was going for. The whole point in a manicure like this is to  use a top coat that will transform the bottom coat of polish into one color, while transforming your glitter into a different color that really stands out from the base color. It's a really cool manicure... one of those looks that is only capable through layering. Pink and red glitter just wouldn't look the same mixed into a purple jelly base!

I mentioned above that this manicure was inspired by a post on another blog. I used what I had in my collection to create a look similar to hers. Honestly, I wasn't sure that Do You Think I'm Tex-Y? would round out the manicure as well as it did. This is one of those manis that either works exactly like you thought it would, or you completely ruin the whole thing! I must say, I was surprised that the glitter mainly turned pink and red. Milani Gems is a multicolored glitter, so I thought for sure that some of the other colors would show through!

After seeing this manicure turn out, it makes me want to try the same thing with some other color combinations. I have jelly polishes and glitter in almost every shade of the rainbow so I should be able to come up with some pretty cool combinations! 

What layering combinations have you tried?

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