Pierre est ici!

by - 3/14/2013

Peanut's soon-to-be lovey has finally arrived! Can't wait to see what she thinks of him, but I really hope she likes him!!!

image c/o belleandrollo.ie (Pierre and Fleur)
Pierre was hands-down the winner of the Battle of the Blablas! He was also my first choice of Blabla doll for Peanut. Buuuuut I believe in democracy, so everyone got a vote. Pierre was the only Blabla to get every voter's stamp of approval. Sure... I could've ordered Fleur... but Pierre... he's French AND has a cool green satchel. I wonder what Peanut will hide in there... oO

In case you were wondering... There were 5 other BlaBlas up for consideration...

Row 1: Mozart the Monkey, Prudence the Owl, Pierre the Bunny
 Row 2: Wink the Owl, Theo the Cat, Wooly the Sheep

And just because I'm in the mood to share...

Peanut totally tried to eat the sequins off my shirt the other day. Some parents might have freaked out, checking her mouth for loose sequins... (You know, in the event she could actually gum through the thread...) which I admit... I totally did. Some parents might've gotten mad or upset that their sequins now had a nice coating of drool all over them. Not me. Ohhhhhhh no.

I busted out laughing. And it still makes me smile when I think about it! Little girl loves the sparkles just as much as her mommy.


Yep. I'll keep 'er.

Sequins = YUM!

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