Pretty Little Liars: A dAngerous gAme (3x24)

by - 3/20/2013

So many questions and so few answers... Okay, so we got a couple of answers in last night's Season Finale. But that really only led to more questions. (In typical Pretty Little Liars fashion!)

Going into the episode last night, we knew we were going to find out who Red Coat was. The producers told us that much ahead of time. They also threw in a couple of curve balls, just to keep things interesting. As a fan of the books, I'm familiar with the possible twists and turns the TV series could utilize, but I think they switch it up enough so that it's not EXACTLY like the books. That being said... here's what happened last night in Rosewood in case you missed it...

1. Aria and Ezra broke up. Again. She pretty much told him in last week's episode that she couldn't do it anymore, so this week, we just reiterated that and made it feel official. Ezra is teaching at Aria's school again, and all the drama with Malcolm is just too much for her to deal with. Despite graduation being only 7 months away, (guess that means it's November in Rosewood...) she just can't see them getting back to what they had pre-Malcolm. Fair enough. Mr. Fitz stuck around a lot longer on the show than in the books. Now that Aria's on the market, it's hard to say who her next love interest will be. Fitz Jr? Noel Kahn? I've been rooting for Noel since the first season because I really liked his back story in the books. Not sure if they're going to go there or if they'll bring in someone new for her.

2. Spencer really joined the A-Team. (But only as a double agent.) The girls confirm this by having Hanna dress up as red coat, luring Spencer into the girl's bathroom for a confrontation. She assures them that she's doing it to find answers... But during her time as a double-agent she found out that...

3. Toby's Alive! Not just alive, but also a double-agent. He's been working with Mona to keep Spencer safe. I wasn't so sure if he should be trusted so easily, especially when he offered to "take care of Spencer" at the lodge. For a minute, I thought he might really be the evil Toby we had suspected. Turns out that was just an act for Mona. Toby really is a good guy! Collective sighs from Spoby fans all around. 

4. Jenna, Melissa, and Shana are up to no good. Jenna and Shana are the ones who helped Wilden escape the woods after being run over by Ashley Marin. The 3 met at Jenna's house and seemed to be very happy that the girls would finally be getting a comeuppance. But for what? Are they upset at something the girls did long ago... like blinding Jenna? Are they still upset about the videos from the NAT club? Does Melissa really hate her sister THAT much? (See what I mean about so many questions?!?)

5. Red Coat is really... *SPOILER ALERT* Alison. Or maybe her twin Courtney. Mona was convinced it was a mask. After all, Alison's dead, right? Weeeeell, maybe. In the books, Alison had a twin named Courtney. Alison forced Courtney to pretend she was Alison at certain times, eventually ending up with her being institutionalized at the Radley. During a visitation weekend, Courtney switched places with Alison, and befriended the girls.  The girls never knew the real Alison. They were friends with Courtney pretending to be Alison. On the night of the fateful sleepover, the real Alison came home for the summer for a trial run. Courtney and Alison got into a huge fight and Alison killed Courtney. At least, that's what happened in the books...

6. Wilden's Car is back... Someone pulled Wilden's car out of the lake Aria and Hanna pushed it into, and the video still works. That lets our PLL's know that Jenna and Shana were the ones who helped Wilden up. Wilden was a bit obsessed with getting his car back... Judging by the looks on the Liars faces... I think there might be something, er, someone, pretty shocking in the trunk.

The Ride Back to Rosewood
On their way back to Rosewood

Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Mona
It's baaaaaack.

PLL What's in the trunk?
That can't be good.

Soooo... while we found out a couple of things, I think this episode just opened up a whole new set of questions for season 4 to address. I'm not sure where they're going with the story from this point on, but I do have a theory or two and a whole bunch of new questions!

If Toby's alive... who were the 2 bodies found in the last episode? I'm guessing the first one probably was a random, but who was the second? Emily's mom was carrying a missing person's box... Could it be DNA and other info from Alison's original case that they're trying to match to Jason? And if it's not Jason... who was it?

What's in the Trunk? More like who... If I had to guess, I'd say CeCe Drake. I think that Wilden might've had her tied up in the trunk or something. Or maybe Jason was trying to tail Wilden and he was in the trunk? Either way, I'm pretty sure it's a body. I guess the interesting part would be whether or not the person was dead before the car went into the water... 

When they're on their way back to Rosewood... why isn't Toby with them? No room in the car? Couldn't find him in time? Kinda weird...

When did Jenna and Shana happen? I thought Jenna was still dating Noel... or have we freed him up for Aria?

Was Spencer's party a ruse to lure all the girls to the same location? It just seemed odd to me that no one else showed up for the party.

Jenna, Shana, and Melissa together are just plain shady. Plus, they sounded so evil when they were meeting at Jenna's house, talking about how they're going to "get what they deserve." Really? Aren't they a little bit older? Shouldn't that make them a little more mature? I think there might be more to this than what we saw last night.

Jenna's going to eventually be blind again? Interesting.

What were they trying to show at the end with someone helping the hand out of the ground? Does this mean that someone helped Alison out of the gazebo hole? Is Alison really dead? If she's not, whose body did they find? Courtney? I know from the books that Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis didn't believe the real Alison when she claimed to be Ali. They thought it was Courtney pretending to be Alison again, so they sent her to the Preserve at Addison Stevens. Ultimately, I always got the idea that Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis suspected that Courtney had caused Alison's disappearance. I don't think they had any clue about the switch, and I'm not sure that they ever suspected her of murder. In Ali's Pretty Little Lies, we find out that someone else was there the night Alison killed Courtney. Is that what they're hinting at with Red Coat?

Overall, I thought this was a great episode. Maybe not quite as revealing as other season finales, but we still got some pretty decent answers. I think they're going to have to start answering bigger questions soon if they want the audience to stay invested. I watch because I was a fan of the books first, so I'm not sure how the series is really seen by non-readers. After all the revelations last night, I am hoping that they'll be giving Sasha Pieterse some more screen time. I feel like she's been underused this season, and I know I really enjoy the flashback scenes.

Season 4 premieres Tuesday, June 11th... Will you be tuning in?

Was anyone else loving Spencer's hat in that scene in Fitz' classroom? Her shirt was a bit outside of the norm of what Spencer usually wears, but the hat ties it all together.

PLL Season 3 Finale: A DAngerous GAme
Seriously loving this hat!

What did you think of the Season 3 Finale?!?

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