Take Your Peanut To Work

by - 3/28/2013

Take Your Kid to Work Day with Peanut...

Trying on Mommy's headphones

Following in Mommy's footsteps?

Didn't you see the On Air sign?!? Hrmphh...

My full-time day job is at a radio station. It's been a looooong time since I brought Peanut in to see everyone I work with. Bring Your Kid to Work Day isn't until April 25th this year, but we like to get the jump on things at Chez Sparkle!

I regret waiting until after Peanut had her bottle to take pictures. She was super happy and smiley this morning, until someone mentioned we put her to work. She didn't like that idea at all and suddenly realized she needed a bottle.


After the bottle, she tried on Mommy's headphones for size, took a tour of the station, checked out the production room, and got acquainted with the Boom Mic. (Thank goodness she didn't try to eat it!!!)

She captured everyone's hearts and I'm pretty sure they'll want to see her back again really soon! It was great to hang out with her for a little bit longer... Some days it really is hard dropping her off at daycare without spending half an hour saying goodbye. She's got me wrapped around her left pinky, right pinky, and pinky toes! Love. Her. So. Much.

No worries... I got this!!!

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