5 Things: April 2013

by - 4/30/2013

See my teeth?!?

Must. Bite. All. The. Things.

1. Peanut is getting teeth... the bottom front two, to be exact. Who's the first person she tested those teeth on? That would be me. Who does she think she is? Renesmee?!? Um, No. Just... No. Thankfully she hasn't bitten anyone else. Yet.

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with this little Sackboy from Little Big Planet. If you've got a PS3 and you haven't played... you have NO IDEA what you're missing! Get Little Big Planet 1, 2, and Karting... you won't regret it! I have issues with playing video games. I'm great at solving puzzles using strategy and logic, but first person shooters? I always end up stuck in a corner... This game is perfect for uncoordinated gamers like me! 

3. I'm a certified klutz. And a half. I run into walls when I'm going around corners. I constantly am banging limbs on my desk at work and on things around Chez Sparkle. I'm not quite sure what it is...

L'Oreal Miss Candy 2013 Spring Collection

4. Jelly. Nail. Polish. Especially this collection of Jelly polishes from L'Oreal.

c/o worth1000.com

5. Much like Garfield, my favorite food is lasagna. If you don't know who Garfield is, you either live under a rock, or I'm really old. (I'm going with the rock one.) My favorite way to make it (So Far, anyway. I'm always up for trying new lasagnas!) is with arrabiata sauce, ground turkey, ground hot italian sausage, and a TON of garlic. Yum. (And now I'm hungry for lasagna.) 

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