5 Things: Peanut Edition (April 2013)

by - 4/25/2013

Peanut's Current Faves:

Klaus the Crinklebug

1. THIS toy. You pull on it and the bug vibrates down to land on the flower. The wings and the flower petals are crinkly. Top side of the petals are colorful with different patterns as shown in the pic, the undersides have different patterns in black and white. Add the rings at the bottom, random ribbons, antennae (always the antennae), and the fuzzy texture. They're so much going on here that even Peanut can. not. deal. We started out calling him crinklebug, but he's been officially dubbed Klaus*.

 2. Her Bottle. It's crazy to think that she recognizes stuff at only 6 months old when she doesn't know much, but I'll tell ya what. She knows when the bottle has formula in it and she LOVES it. She gets soooooo excited when she's about to get one. She kicks her little legs and waves her arms around whenever I pick it up before I feed her. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

3. Owl City. Any song by Owl City. She has a bunch of toys attached to her car seat and she goes NUTS when Owl City comes on the iPod. Not sure if this is an all babies thing or just a Peanut thing. Little girl thinks she's in the band, or something.

4. Sweet Potatoes. They're the winner out of all the yellow** veggies.

A Stylish Little Peanut... :)

5. Sunglasses. Peanut can't STAND having the sun in her eyes. It took a little while for her to get the concept down... (you wear them, you don't eat them.) It may not look like it, but she really does like them! She kept them on for a full 30 minutes or so the other day while we were outside!!!

* Why Klaus? Well, Pierre the Bunny is French, Tomas the Turtle is Spanish, so we decided that crinklebug would be German.  
** They call them yellow, but they're actually orange.

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