Butter London Dosh

by - 4/01/2013

Dosh = Slang for Money in the UK... (FYI... Only the 100 Euro bill is green, unlike U.S. "greenbacks.")

Dosh by Butter London
Butter London Dosh (Natural Light)

Dosh by Butter London (Sunlight)

Butter London Dosh (Natural Light)

Dosh by Butter London (Natural Light)

dosh by Butter London
Dosha-Cola? (Natural Light)

Butter London describes Dosh as "a molten metallic apple-green nail lacquer shot through with gold." I notice a hint of green shimmer when I look at this polish closely, but that didn't seem to come through on the pics. Alas...

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats Butter London Dosh
1 Coat Seche Vite

Butter London polishes are just that... like. butter. Dosh applied easily and smoothly... two of my favorites when it comes to nail polish! At $15 a pop*, you're getting what you pay for with Butter London. Is this the case for some other pricey polishes? Sadly, no, but yay for this mani!

Dosh is one of those greens that came out when everyone was putting out those, "it's so ugly, it's trendy" green colors a while back. Although, where some of those greens really were/are ugly... Dosh is definitely not, at least to me, it's not. I love the color and I love the shimmer... If apples were actually shimmery like Dosh... I would eat a lot more of them!!! 

Have you tried any Butter London polishes?

*Butter London retails for this amount. My bottle of Dosh was a gift from my older sister. :)

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