Jewelry: Initial & Miscellany

by - 4/23/2013

Jewelry: Initials & Miscellany
Jewelry: Initial & Miscellany

Here's a hodgepodge collection of "S" pendants and other jewelry I've been diligently clipping to Polyvore in my spare time. Some of these are pieces I own, some are on my wish list, others just look pretty. Then of course there are the few initials that are actually home decor pieces and not jewelry at all. Shhhhh, don't tell! Most of the "S" pendants included in the set above come from the creators of my arrow necklace... Waxing Poetic.


Want to see more jewelry? (ooooh... shiny!) Check out my jewelry board on Pinterest for more whimsical pieces and some DIY ideas and projects!

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