L'Oreal Miss Pixie vs. Revlon Royal

by - 4/26/2013

Two pretty blues = TONS of epic layering combinations. Yes... Epic... Trust me!

Blue Jelly Polish

Blue Jelly Polish

It's been a while since I picked up Revlon Royal for a manicure, and sadly, it has suffered the same fate of so many other kindred bottles of this polish. A bunch of pigment settled to the bottom of the bottle and won't budge, no matter how hard I shake. This hasn't affected the color of the polish. The formula, however, is another story.

Revlon Royal used to be a dream to apply. It's got a great brush, it builds nicely, but somewhere between purchase and comparison, it turned into a streaky mess of a polish. I'm not sure if adding thinner would help or hurt this polish. I wouldn't want to even try it at this point, because Royal has since been discontinued.

The good news in all of this, is that Miss Pixie from L'Oreal is an almost dead-on dupe for Revlon Royal with an impeccably streak-free finish. It builds nicely, too, although it has a tinge less pigmentation than Royal. Miss Pixie is a beautiful bright blue... so named for those pesky pixies from Harry Potter? Not sure, but if I had to guess... :)

If you like layering polishes, jelly glitter sandwiches, or have ever tried to recreate Unicorn Puke (Clairvoyant) from Cult Nails... you NEED Miss Pixie in your collection. It's such a great base for all kinds of flaky and glitter combinations. If you own Shine of the Times from Essie, or a similar flaky, layer it over 2 or 3 coats of Miss Pixie, or Revlon Royal, if you have it. You won't regret it! And just to prove it...

Revlon Royal, Essie Shine of the Times, Layering
Preeeeeetty. Natural Light

Miss Pixie is part of the Miss Candy Collection from L'Oreal for Spring 2013. It's a Limited Edition collection of 8 jelly polishes. I'm not sure how long these will hang around the drugstores... I'm itching to pick up some backup bottles and I can't be the only one... :)

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