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This past weekend marked another milestone in Peanut's culinary adventures. Peanut likes cereal, recognizes her bottle, and LOVES formula. She gets really excited when she gets her bottles, (and makes some pretty interesting noises when she wants one.) On Saturday, we made the foray into yellow vegetables. Squash to be precise. The pictures tell it all, with a little help from the captions...

Ready to be devoured...

What's that Mommy?

You want me to try something new?


Squash is yummier than milk?

YAY for Squash!!!

You call that "yummy?!?"

Well... okay. I'll try another bite!


I said one more bite... not two more!!!

*makes gagging face* BLECH!!!

Just threw up a little in my mouth.


We started the meal with half of Peanut's cereal. That went great. Little girl loooooves her cereal. Some days, I can't shovel it in her mouth fast enough.

On to the squash... and the trauma. 

Talk about a personality. Whoa! I wonder what this girl's gonna be like once she can talk?!? Anyway... Peanut literally made a super-dramatic gagging face with every single bite. I think I might've given her 4 or 5 spoonfuls before she really had it and started crying. No, she does not like squash.

Not. One. Bit.

So she doesn't like squash... no big deal. We'll just go back to the cereal. 


Nope. We're not eating anything else off a spoon today, thankyouverymuch.

But it didn't end there.

Daddy thought he would try. 'Cause, you know... maybe I was doing it wrong. We're new to this whole parenting thing, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. If he could get her to eat the squash, fine. I'd be a little disappointed, but it would be okay. Doesn't really matter who feeds it to her, right? Maybe if Daddy would just...


*Cue end-of-world meltdown*

She was angry and leaking crocodile tears to prove it. (And howling. Did I not mention the howling?!? Peanut was wailing like. it. was. her. job.)

The only thing I had left in the arsenal was her bottle. Thankfully, I made a 4 ouncer to feed her after the cereal and veggies... you know, to wash everything down!

Daddy + Milk = All Better

Since Daddy was the last to "traumatize" her with squash, he started her on the bottle. She ate about an ounce for him, before he handed her off to me so Peanut and Mommy could be friends again. She took another ounce for me and promptly passed out while I was burping her.

But the night didn't end there...

Peanut went to bed a little before 8 and consistently woke up crying every 30 minutes or so for the next couple of hours. Oh, she was wailing like a champ.

Nightmares about a vegetable...  


Child was so traumatized, she slept in waaaaay past normal time the next morning.

We told the story to both of our parents who laughed and laughed. When they were done laughing at our child's lack of enthusiasm for all things veggie... they made a suggestion. Gradually mix it in with her cereal and get her to work her way up to straight squash.

Okay, sure, Mom and Dad... like that's going to work. Maybe in, like, a million years or something. Peanut just doesn't like squash and that's okay. But just to prove it to you... we'll mix it up and feed it to her, and she'll...

Eat every. Single. Bite.


You've won this round, kiddo.


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