SS: Nayme Necklaces

by - 4/19/2013

I love unique gifts, and Uncommon Goods has a TON of them. This collection of jewelry really stood out. Nameplate necklaces might be personalized, but Nayme Necklaces are a whole new level of cool and unique mixed together.

Nayme Necklaces
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Nayme necklaces come in a simple little black box. Inside is your recipient's name, (customized spellings available) the meaning of their name, and its origin. Be forewarned, some of the designs are better than others, and some names aren't available. That being said, I would totally rock the necklace for my first AND middle name. :)

Nayme Necklaces
Nayme Necklace Examples c/o their catalogue.

These necklaces retail at Uncommon Goods for $130... A bit pricey, BUT they ARE .925 sterling silver, so that's not too bad, considering the price also includes the personalized box. One of these might be overkill for Mother's Day... but certainly not for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine's Day. Such a great gift...


Take the concept of this and run with it! (DIYers, I'm looking at you!) Find a piece of jewelry that coordinates with the meaning of your recipient's name. It could be an earring, ring, charm, etc... Then, make your own card or box to put it in! Personalization AND a homemade touch always make for a great gift!!!

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