5 Things: Peanut Edition (May 2013)

by - 5/31/2013

Shelly, Sammy, and Ray... <3 these Turtles

Coming to DVD in July!!!
1. TURTLES!!! But specifically, Sammy, Shelly, and Ray, the stars of A Turtle's Tale. Peanut LOVES this movie, and we watch it 5 or 6 times a weekend. Sometimes, I put it on for light noise. It's got a great soundtrack, and she loves all the different colors of the underwater scenes. I guess the adorably big-eyed turtles are probably a draw too. They are ah-dorable!

Training Sippy Cup

2. This works exactly like a bottle, but lets Peanut feel like a big kid holding her very own cup. She totally understands the concept and does pretty well holding it and drinking out of it.

Pete the Cat

Pete & Peanut

3. Peanut LOVES Pete the Cat. I downloaded the 4 stories they have online, burned them to a CD, and it's such a help in the car when my lil' Peanutty-Buddy turns into Fussypants on the long ride to and from work. Thankfully, the commute will be getting shorter soon... but for now, I <3 Pete too!

Big Girl Chair... Girly Tub

4. This high chair and tub from Granny... My Mom. Peanut adores her new high chair, because it means she can join in the fun during Wednesday night dinners. She also loves that Granny bought her a pink tub of her very own that she can use during visits. No more splashing in the bathroom sink for my little lady... She's moved on to splouncing... splashing and bouncing at the same time, which for her = MIND BLOWN. She LOVES it.

Buzz 'n Bite Teether
5. This Buzz 'n Bite Teether from Gigi... Mr. Sparkle's Mom. Peanut loves this teether to pieces. If you pull up on the purple part shown in the pic, it vibrates! Not only does she love chewing on it whether or not it's buzzing... She enjoys whacking it against her car seat along with the music that must be playing during our AM drive. Not sure if I have a tiny drummer, tiny dancer, or both?!?

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