5 Things: Baby Luxe

by - 5/24/2013

Okay, I don't know about you guys... but I don't remember having all this super cute stuff when I was a baby. I mean, a fuzzy lamb chair? My very own bouncer? Sure, I was the 2nd child and got a bunch of rad hand-me-down stuff that I loved... but we've really taken pampering and RUN with it. Seriously. Not sure if this revolution began after companies started marketing towards tweens... but good grief. There's some really stinkin' cute stuff for kids, and it's HARD not to spend all kinds of money spoiling my little Peanut. I've definitely had to learn to exercise restraint when it comes to that! That being said, here's some awesome baby stuff that's UBER cute and best of all... Peanut approved!

Peanut: The OFFICIAL Authority...

c/o Layla Grayce

Layla Grayce

1 & 2: Layla Grayce has some of the cu-yoo-test stuff for babies. I swear, I could easily spend a small fortune on Peanut shopping on their site. I mean, just their collection of blabla dolls alone... She loves Pierre, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind if Momma brought some friends home for him!!!

blablakids dolls

Pierre & Peanut
More fuzzballs? Yes, Please! I mean, oui, s'il vous plait!

Quinny Buzz Stroller
This "personalized" girly stroller (Quinny Buzz)

3: I saw one of these strollers when we took 'lil Peanut to Christmas Candylane. The model we saw was gray and orange... not the greatest colors in the world... but a Quinny stroller? Little girl would totally love it, and I love how compactly it folds up. This stroller has a ton of add-ons. You can protect your little one from rain, wind, sun... Oh, and of course, add a cup holder for beverages! Quinny's stroller has 2 cup holders, one for a beverage, and the other for my car keys. And then I end up forgetting where I put them... Oo.  

Jungle Bouncer
A Bouncing Paradise

4: This bouncer has sooooo much going on that it's ridiculous! Peanut loves to bounce, whether she's in her bouncer, or you're holding her. She sometimes tries to bounce while she's having her bottle, but we try to put a stop to that pretty quickly. Eventually she'll catch on that bouncing and eating do NOT go together!

Snuggalamb and Snuggabunny... meet Snuggamonkey!

5: Okay... so, my Peanutty-Buddy has and loves her little lamby chair... but Fisher-Price must've overheard my musings that the Snuggalamb should've been a black sheep... you know! So, how appropriate is the new Snuggamonkey line? Not to mention incredibly cute!!! If you're torn between Lamb, Bunny, or Monkey... go with this one. They all have removable and washable pads... but the choice here is pretty obvious. Monkey is so much more practical, not to mention boy AND girl friendly!

What's your must-have baby item that you didn't have when you were a kid*?

*For the record, I'd go with Lamby HANDS DOWN. It's been so great as another "station" for Peanut, and it provides an upright sleeping position for your little one when they have a cough or the sniffles.

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