Layering: Bongo Sweet Kisses

by - 5/22/2013

Bongo just released this line of polishes, and unfortunately, the display I found had been hit pretty hard. There wasn't much selection at all, but I had read about these two shades on Nouveau Cheap (how much do you LOVE her blog?) and I thought Catching Kisses and Sweet Cheeks would look great layered together! Hence, Sweet Kisses... (because Catching Cheeks would just be weird!)

Bongo Sweet Cheeks
Artificial Light

Bongo Catching Kisses

Bongo Sweet Cheeks

Bongo Catching Kisses Layering
Natural Light

Bongo Catching Kisses Layering

Bongo Sweet Cheeks and Catching Kisses Layering

Bongo Sweet Cheeks Bongo Catching Kisses

Almost immediately after painting my nails, I looked down at this layering and didn't really like it. Too tired to start over, I decided to sleep on it. When I woke up yesterday morning, I still wasn't sure about it. Only once I got dressed and got this mani out in the sun did I truly appreciate it! So much so, that I'm still wearing it. :)

This layering was inspired by G of Nouveau Cheap, who picked up these two polishes and swatched them separately. I thought they'd look great together, and it turns out, I have a pretty good eye for layering! (you know, 85% of the time...)

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats Bongo Catching Kisses
2 Coats Bongo Sweet Cheeks
1 Coat OPI Top Coat
1 Coat Essie Good To Go

These polishes are from Bongo's new line and are available exclusively at Kmart. I was disappointed to find a display that had been ravaged! Other than these two colors, gold, silver, and yellow were the only other shades available. I picked up their Gold... Diva 'til Dawn, too. I'm hoping the display at my store will be restocked soon, because I liked the sparkles in the polishes I bought and I'm hoping there are a few more. We'll see, I suppose!

Catching Kisses is a pretty coral creme with very fine pink and gold shimmer. On its own, it's a gorgeous polish, perfect for summer! Sweet Cheeks is a sheer pink with purple glass flecks that I probably wouldn't wear on its own. Layered together, Sweet Cheeks brings Catching Kisses over to the pink side, turning it into a neat shade of rosy pink with those pretty purple glass flecks over the super fine pink and gold shimmer. It's insanely pretty, so what was my problem with it?

I thought it looked like a really weird shade of pink that even the 80's wouldn't want back. BUT... after a good night's rest and more favorable lighting, the more I looked at it, the more I came to like the color. It goes with my skin tone REALLY well, and all the glass flecks and shimmer add a ton of interest to this layering. I guess the moral of the story is: Don't judge your nail polish before you've slept on it... and don't sleep on it unless you've applied some sort of fast-dry helper polish. Otherwise... you might wake up stuck to your sheets!

Bongo polishes retail at $2.99. My bottle of Catching Kisses had a stray brush hair that fell out, and the formula was a little gloppy and textured because of the glitter. Sweet Cheeks smoothed it out well enough, and I think a coat of clear would do the same if you weren't layering anything over it.

Have you picked up any new Bongo polishes?!?

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