Peanut: 7 Months (and 8 days...)

by - 5/28/2013

Peanut turned 7 months old last Monday... 7 months! What happened to the tiny little peanut I brought home in October? She's growing way too fast... Her 4th tooth is coming in... she rolls all over the place, and she's literally minutes from figuring out how to crawl. She's one active little girl, and it's getting more difficult to capture the cuteness.

Take last week, for example.

I had her in a really cute onesie. In my defense, it was an 80ish degree day, and it totally FELT like summer. The bow on the back is adorable, so I was trying to snap a picture of her being a little turtle, showing off the bow. That just wasn't happening.

Hi, mommy!

What do you mean, turn over?

This book is yummy.

Pretty Bow!

One thing I've learned in the past 7 months and 8 days of parenting this little Peanut... It's totally her show. If she doesn't want to do it, she's not going to. She's got stubborn in her genes, but I love that about her. She's particular, and that's something we celebrate at Chez Sparkle.

So when I get random poses like this... 

Peanut = Fabulous!

1,2,3... WIGGLE!

you just sort of learn to go with it...

I have a foot...

You don't want to see my foot?

but... it's my Foot!!!

strapping me in will achieve nothing, I tell you. NOTHING!


What is this smile you speak of?

I have another foot...

Hahahaha... Foot!

and eventually, you'll get one of these... <3

I'm so funny!!! Wait a minute I forgot my foot... MULLIGAN!!!


Are you still here?!?

We are done here.

Most of the time, she's cooperative for the camera, and if she's not... well, we just strap her in, and that works. For now. Sometimes. When she wants it to. The more mobile she gets, the more independent she wants to be.

You can't stop me!

I'm on my way...

If I could just...

My head is so heavy...

Can't you just...

help me out a little?

pwease Mommy?

I'll eat all my veggies, I promise!

What do you mean, not a veggie?!?

Yep. What can I say? She's a stinker, but she's MY little stinker. We've had a lot of fun together over the past 7 months... Not quite sure what I did to deserve such a sweet little girl, but I'm SOOOOO thankful for my little Peanutty Buddy. Love Her, LOVE HER, LURVE HER!!!

filling up her snugglemeter while I can... <3

BTDubbs... This is my first time linking up with anyone, so I'm hoping that I've done it correctly... :)

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  1. Is there really anything better than a baby in black and white? How sweet! Thank you so much for linking up!

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy reading your blog... :)