Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sally Hansen Rock' n Wedding

I thought this shade would satisfy the need I have for a better coral polish. The formula is definitely a win, but the color... I'm just not sold on it. Take a look...

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Polish in Rock' n Wedding
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Polish in Rock' n Wedding

Sally Hansen Rock' n Wedding

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Polish in Rock' n Wedding

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Polish in Rock' n Wedding

Polishes Used:

2 Coats Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Polish in Rock' n Wedding
1 Coat OPI Clear Top Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Maybe I was looking to hard to fill the void that was Peach from City Color.I was looking for a pinkish coral, and what I got was a pastel terracotta color with peachy-gold shimmer. Don't get me wrong, it's not a BAD color. It's just a little too orange for me. It's been growing on me the longer I wear it, but I just don't LOVE it, you know?

Formula-wise, this polishes is great. I have a few of these, and they've never given me any problems. I haven't picked up a polish from the Diamond Strength line in a while! I was happy to see that the mop brush has been re-styled and cut almost in half. Their old brush was way too wide, but the restyled brush is just right! It's nice to see a company that listens to its customers!

Rock' n Wedding is 1 of 8 Limited Edition Diamond Strength polishes from Sally Hansen. The others are as follows:

01 Opulent Opal
02 Diamond Jubilee
03 Fancy Diamond
04 Brilliant Cut
05 Sparkling Jewel
06 Flawless Pink
07 Gold Setting
08 Rock' N Wedding (shown above)

I found mine at CVS on the nail bar, not in a stand-alone display. I'm not sure if they didn't receive the whole collection, but they didn't have all the colors. I'll have to visit the other area CVS stores to see if I can find the ones I'm looking for. I think a couple of these might have dupes, or even be re-promotes but I'll have to see them in person to say for sure. I saw some pictures on Nouveau Cheap, and Sparkling Jewel looked like it could be a fuchsia version of Aisle Be There. Fancy Diamond looks similar to NYC Fuchsia Glamour and Sinful Colors Glass Pink.

What do you think of Rock' n Wedding?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: "Cat's Cradle" (4x3)

It was Walter Scott who said, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." The threads holding this mystery together are simultaneously tangling and unraveling. Cat's Cradle is a VERY appropriate metaphor for all the suspicious activity in Rosewood. Everyone on the board is a suspect. At least, according to Agent Holbrook.

PLL Cat's Cradle Evidence Board
Everyone's a Suspect

Last night, we met the creepy mask maker. Turns out, Alison had a mold of her face made. She wanted masks for her "friends" and ordered El Creepo to break the mold afterwards. The mask maker mentions that Alison served as the model for Joan of Arc. Emily has a mold made of her own face to gain all this information. Mr. Creepy sees her as the perfect face for Medusa.

PLL Cat's Cradle Em's Mold
Em's Mold

While Em is getting her plaster facial, Hanna does some snooping. She finds an interesting mold in the back. Turns out Melissa posed for a mask, too. This leads Spencer to wonder whether Ali followed Melissa or Melissa followed Ali... Then Hanna cryptically suggests... "Maybe they went together." Judging by the face makeup, I'd guess Melissa served as Cleopatra or an Egyptian Goddess.

PLL Cat's Cradle Melissa Mold
Hey, Melissa! Fancy meeting you here.

Because of last week's incident, Emily is going for a checkup with her Doctor. During the visit, she can't keep her lies straight. Later, Em has a confrontation with her mom outside of school, leading someone to call Child Services. You can bet that someone is "A," because later in the episode, Em's dad is called home as well. Is this the part where we ship Em off to those awesome straight-edge relatives like in the books?

PLL 4x3 Text from A to Aria
Text to Aria from "A"

One mean mommy at a time? So, clearly "A" is behind Emily's recent drama, and I think we can all agree that Hanna's mom is likely being framed by "A" for Wilden's murder.

Anything Goes, especially when you're not around!

Hanna keeps catching her mom in lie after lie, leading her to believe that her Mom is being framed for Wilden's murder. Caleb talks to Mr. Marin and finds out that Ashley visited him the night Wilden died. She wanted a lot of money that he didn't have to give her. And about that gun of his...

Anyway... the drama with Mama Fields and Mother Marin could be why Aria was so quick to ship Ella off to another country. If she's in Vienna, she can't be targeted, right?

At the moment, Spencer's mom is safe, but Toby's Mom? Spencer and Toby broke into Radley to investigate their findings from the file. Turns out "A" gave them something useful for once. No way could someone have jumped from that window and cleared the roof below. Spencer surmises that Toby's mother was pushed out of the window. Or jumped from a different window. Either way, something's not right about the report. The next step is finding the Doc who wrote it and badgering him with questions.

And speaking of questions... Not a THING on our list has been answered. Pfft.  


Is Alison really alive?
Was Toby's Mom murdered?
Did Ashley kill Wilden?
Who is Black Veil?
Who is Red Coat?
Who is Beach Hottie/Board Shorts?
Where was Mona?
Who killed Wilden?

My Thoughts:

After this episode, I feel we're being pushed into believing that Ashley is a murderer and that Melissa is really "A." Melissa was thought to be "A" in the books for a long time. She knows more than she's saying, but I think there might've been something to that conversation with Spencer towards the end of the episode. I think she might be trying to protect Spencer and the other girls. She just doesn't want to put all of her cards out there. The fact that there's a Melissa mold could mean that someone's been running around impersonating her.

Alison, Courtney, and the masks? I feel like the masks are foreshadowing Alison being a twin. They are also an interesting way to be able to find subtle differences between two ALMOST identical twins. In the books, Maya notices that Alison's picture changes, but it's brushed by so quickly, nothing is made of it. In the books, Courtney was killed by Alison, but what if the series is taking the approach of Courtney faking her death? It would certainly add interest if Courtney and Alison were both alive, one "A" helping the girls and giving them clues, and the other "A" tormenting them, trying to kill them.

Black Veil, Red Coat... Queen of Hearts... all of this is starting to sound like one big chess game. It's almost impossible to know what side anyone is on when the producers can just deus ex machina themselves out of a corner.

Where was Mona? I missed her this week. I'm hoping she gets more screen time next week.

According to the previews, we'll be meeting Mr. Never Back Down's partner... Lieutenant Tanner. She makes a snarky comment about the way the girls dress, but the scene explains what the FBI is really doing in Rosewood. They're looking for the connection between the four Pretty Little Liars and all those dead bodies. Will they find "A" before the girls?

Until next week and the 4th episode of the season, "Face Time," or "How long until Emily masks are spotted everywhere?" (You know you were thinking it!)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Skittles: Rainbow Sherbet

c/o Tumblr

But when it's on my nails... summery, pretty, YUM!

Rainbow Sherbet Skittles
Artificial Lighting

Rainbow Sherbet Skittles
Artificial Lighting

City Colors Peach, Sinful Colors Pistache, Maybelline Sandstorm
Artificial Lighting

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats City Colors Peach
3 Coats SinfulColors Pistache
3 Coats Maybelline Sandstorm
1 Coat OPI Top Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

It was only after I'd painted this manicure that I was reminded of that lovely dessert that wouldn't die from the 80's. Seriously. People made disgusting punch with it, they thought that all kids loved it. YUCK. So. Gross. Cookies and Cream allllllllll the way. Ahem.

So... I'm really loving this color combination at the moment. Even more so, I'm loving the peachy-coral color that was aptly dubbed Peach by City Colors. If you're wondering where the name of the polish can be found, (I had to search) it's on the wrapper above the ingredients, in parenthesis. (hopefullyyoudidn'tripthewrapperoff)

This "peach" leans more toward pastel pink-ish coral than peach... either way, it's a gorgeous shade with my skin tone. I could see this looking better and better as I get more tan over the summer. BUT. The formula is INCREDIBLY frustrating. I'm thinking the problem is the brush, because during application, I felt a bit of a drag. Not sure that it can ALL be blamed on the brush and formula. User error could've occurred because it was late, the lighting wasn't great, and my eyes were drooping. I wore this shade along over the weekend and used 4 generous coats, and the streaks were less evident.

I've blogged about Pistache and Sandstorm before, and they compliment Peach nicely. On my right hand, I wore Sandstorm on my thumb, Pistache on my index and pinky fingers, and Peach on my middle and ring fingers. I don't often wear skittle manicures, but I like the pattern of this one.

Would you wear a Skittle mani?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: "Turn of the Shoe" (4x2)

So, the 2nd episode of the 4th season of Pretty Little Liars... "Turn of the Shoe" aired last Tuesday. In addition to a few new details about Wilden's death... we were given snippets of the new mysteries of the season. Did we answer any questions from last week, or just ask a WHOLE bunch of new ones? Read on to find out...

Alison DiLaurentis
Alison DiLaurentis c/o ABC Family
Q: Is Alison really alive?
No idea. Although, wasn't that little flashback interesting? Alison wanted to have a sleepover at her beach house, and her mother wouldn't let her. So, let's hold our breath 'til we pass out and hit our face on the sidewalk, 'cause we're five years old. Doesn't dear Ali know that as soon as she passes out, she'll start breathing again? Supposedly, this is a game that Ali mastered when she was five to get what she wanted. Some people even think that maybe, when we saw that hand come out of the ground, it not only belonged to Ali, but this scene reveals the fact that she could hold her breath for a really long time. I'm not sold... not yet, anyway.
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Was Toby's Mom really murdered? (NEW!)
All of this Toby's Mom stuff is completely new. When Ali was buried for the 2nd time, we learned that Toby's Mom was dead. Other than that, this seems like a new mini-mystery that might expose something pertinent to Ali's case... but I can't say that I see her being involved.
Status: UN-Answered.

Ashley Marin
Ashley Marin c/o ABC Family

Q: Why will we hate Ashley Marin?
Umm... because she killed Wilden? She's super shady? She trashed an innocent pair of heels? I have a little theory about this. I think Ashley might be the Red Coat that saved the girls from the fire. I'm thinking Wilden might've set it. But I don't think she killed Wilden. Maybe she followed Hanna and Aria when they sank his car? I think she's just a red herring.
Status: UN-Answered.

Pretty Little Liars Black Veil
"Black Veil" c/o ABC Family
Q: Who is the girl in the black veil?
The girls seem to think it was Melissa, but I'm not buying it. I like to think that it was Alison/Courtney or A. I think that Melissa may be up to something, but I don't think killing her own sister is on her To-Do list. I think her involvement has to do with the video from Season 1, NAT club, and something the older kids all knew about, but the Liars did not. Like... maybe... a twin?!?
Status: UN-Answered.
Q: Who is "Red Coat?"
I was really hoping they wouldn't go there... but I think there might be more than one Red Coat. I don't want this to be true... but I have a feeling that there's a Red Coat that is bad and a Red Coat that's good... but the good Red Coat probably has no idea about bad Red Coat. I think good Red Coat could very well be Ashley Marin. She got really involved towards the end of last season, so maybe she's been following the girls in order to protect them. Stranger things have happened...
Status: UN-CertAin.

Mona Vanderwaal c/o ABC Family

Q: Can Mona be trusted?
I think so. A Mona doll was added to the shelf last week, and Plastic-Ali-Black-Veil-A-Red-Coat tried to choke and kill her. Or maybe just scare the crap out of her. I think Mona's actually in just as much trouble as the Liars, if not more. She knows a lot... too much, maybe? Welcome to the club, M!
Status: I'm saying yes.

Q: Who is the "Beach Hottie" aka "Board Shorts?"
The Beach Hottie was mentioned last season as one of Ali's flings. Possibly Wilden according to CeCe. Other contenders include Toby and Noel. Apparently we'll find out this season, hence the parrot bringing up "Board Shorts" and singing his phone number. Anyone else totally think the bird was a goner at the end? I know I did... :)
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Will Emily get the scholarship?
Ummm... I'm thinking, no. Something about banging your head into the wall, testing positive for pain killers, and not finishing the race. Plus, A can't let Emily go away... and certainly not to happily-ever-after land with Paige! Where would the fun be in that?!?
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Who killed Wilden? 
Was it A? Was it Red Coat? Was it Black Veil? Are any of those the same person, different people, or multiple people? I don't think we've been given enough info yet. I'm sure "A" had a hand in it, and I'm thinking he/she is trying to frame Ashley for it. And the plot thickens...
Status: UN-Answered.

Creepy Mask Maker Pretty Little Liars
The "Official" Alison Mask-Maker c/o ABC Family

Next episode... "Cat's Cradle" or, "We get to meet the creepy mask-maker!"

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Peanut: 8 Months

Has another month gone by already? This little Peanut is growing and changing everyday. It's unbelievably cool watching her discover this world of ours... what she likes and what she doesn't, amidst bouts of crying, bouncing with an open-mouth grin, unabashedly tasting everyone and everything she meets, crawling and cruising all over the place, and snuggling with mommy and daddy when she needs a break from moving. 

I got this...

8 things for 8 months...

Peanut & Daddy

1. She has said her first words!!! "Daddy" and "Hi" and a lot of other jibberish. She knows exactly who Mommy and Daddy are... but she's so excited that she can say it, she calls everyone Daddy. I'm sure "Mommy" is next. No, really. It's next, right?

2. And she's mobile... crawling all over the place.

caught trying to supervise bottle-making...
"My taste buds are a little more refined..."

3. We've finally introduced protein... and she doesn't really like it. It's so much fun trying to get her to eat it. There were airplanes, chicken sounds, and the chicken express complete with all sorts of chugging and choo-chooing. Who doesn't like chicken?!? But oddly enough, the only other thing she's iffy about is squash. She loves sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, bananas, peaches, apples, blueberries, and carrots. She used to like rice, but I think the flavored foods have won her over.

Hi, Mommy!

 4. She's still a stinker. I've tried to put her in the crib with hopes that she'll get tired and take a nap, but no. I'm not sure what it is, but she doesn't nap for me on the weekends like she does at daycare on the weekdays. Is it a conspiracy? Either way, now that she can lift herself up and crawl, she's started peering through the "bars" of her "cell." 

I see you.

You want to play, right?

I know that's why you're here.


I think she'll be a stinker for a little while longer forever. I can't say I'm disappointed. For such a little peanut, she can really make me laugh!

Really Mom?

5. She's been sitting up really well. So well, that we've ditched the mesh hammock during bathtime, AND we're splashing on the other side of the tub.

Okay, you can show this one off. But only this one.


 6. Pierre. <3

7. Frankencheek. <3

Mmm. Brains.

8. She's really getting so big. I can't believe how big she is now compared with when we brought her home... and she's so incredibly active. Most outfit changes happen while she's on her stomach, some while she's crawling away. She's on the move and she doesn't want to stop for anything! Her little personality is really starting to take shape, and it's incredibly cool watching that happen.

First Night Home

8 Months

I see you.

Taking it all in.

I can wave now, too! See ya!!!

Sephora by OPI: Discontinued?!?

together no longer?!?

Seriously? This is kind of surprising to me, and hasn't really been confirmed by official PR yet, but, yeah. If you believe the buzz around the blogosphere, this partnership is no longer. Further fuel for the rumors... check out their weekly sale. All SOPI polishes are on sale for "up to 50% off, online and in-store, while supplies last." Sigh. Why must they always discontinue brands/lines I love?!? Shop hard and fast... I'm sure they'll sell out quickly.

UPDATE: Just saw Michelle from All Lacquered Up confirm this on Facebook. And she knows these things! At the moment, you can buy 3 for $10... so shop, Shop, SHOP! Normally these bottles were $9.50 a pop!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Layering: OPI Road House Blues

It's been a bit too long since I last wore blue polish... and I seem to be getting back into my dark polishes. Is it because spring was so pastel-filled and summer polishes are so bright and neon-y? Je ne sure pas... but I like it! 

OPI Road House Blues, SinfulColors Nail Junkie
Natural Light

OPI Road House Blues Layering
Natural Light

OPI Road House Blues Layering
Natural Light

OPI Road House Blues, SinfulColors Nail Junkie

I've been wearing this manicure since Wednesday, but the pics are from today. This manicure has held up pretty well. It's a simple layering, maybe a bit dark for almostsummer, but I'm ready to paint my nails black next. What's wrong with me? Oh, wait... Don't answer that!

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats OPI Road House Blues
2 Coats SinfulColors Nail Junkie (accent only)
1 Coat Essie Good to Go

This is going to sound sad, but I'm almost positive that I forgot to use a layer of clear before I GTG'd my nails. And is it just me, or are they a smidgy on the dull side? Hmmm...

Road House Blues comes from OPI's Touring America Collection. This is an awesome navy blue color that kinda reminds me of Blue No. 655... you know, Gap's signature navy blue? It's a super wearable color, and I wear it quite frequently. I love the way Nail Junkie looks layered over it, too. The glitter really pops, and we lose the turquoise sea-color of its base. pretty, pretty, pretty!

Do you own OPI Road House Blues? What's your favorite navy polish?!?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: "A is for A-l-i-v-e" (4x1)

Okay, as far as season premieres go... this was a pretty good one. Pretty Little Liars has definitely dialed it up a notch or ten... In typical PLL tradition, we had plenty more questions thrown at us for each one that was answered. It's about to get spoilery, so if you haven't watched the premiere yet... go watch it and then come back!

Q: Who/What's in the Trunk?
I did say I was pretty sure it was a body, right? So... they found the body of a very dead and bloody pig in the trunk. While this was an extreme waste of a good pig roast opportunity, it was excellent foreshadowing. And not in the let's-cut-off-its-head-and-it'll-scare-A-away-Lord-of-the-Flies kind of way. A "dead piggy" is just what we got a few moments later. RIP Wilden. We won't miss you.
Status: Answered!

Q: Who is the Queen of Hearts?
Wrong on all 3 tries. Who knew that there were 2 of them? Wilden and Melissa.
Status: Answered!

PLL Queen of Hearts

Q: Is Alison really alive?
Well, the title of the premiere is "A is for A-L-I-V-E..." but that doesn't guarantee it means nothing.
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Toby, the lighter, and his "new direction." (I know, this isn't really a question.) 
Who else was really annoyed that Toby would sell all the girls out, just like that? No conference or anything... let's just drop off the Mystery Machine for this person who not only tried to kill your girlfriend, but possibly tried to frame you for the lodge fire, and oh yeah... might've been involved in your Mom's death? Oh, Toby. Pull.It.Together.

PLL Toby gives up Mona's lair
And FYI... your inspection is overdue.

In other news... that lighter... was it a subtle nod to Hitchcock's North by Northwest? A late 50's thriller about mistaken identity? Hmmm... makes me wonder about that twin thing. Oo
Status: Answered. For the most part. It all has something to do with his mom. I smell a new seeeeeecret!

Q: Why will we hate Ashley Marin?
Is it because of her phone being in Wilden's coffin? She definitely ran him over, but it's not her fault that he was shot multiple times and moved from where he was originally killed. Is it?!? Could it be that before she mowed him down, she was secretly still seeing him?
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Who is the girl in the black veil?
And this is where it gets creepy...

PLL Black Veil

PLL Black Veil

You can't really make out too much here... but I'd like to point something out from the very end of the episode. You know, that part at the end of every episode where we see gloved hands doing something, leading us to believe it's A/Mona/RedCoat? Well, this time...

PLL Black Veil
That's a nice veil you've got... Fab-u-plastic!

PLL Black Veil
Char-broiled doesn't look good on you. Points for the veil, though...

PLL Black Veil
There ARE other masks in the sea. Just sayin'.

I didn't actually notice it 'til I lightened these screenshots, but plastic Alison-face is wearing a black veil, very similar to the one that creeper was wearing at Wilden's funeral. She's creepy, and it really reminds me of those old Victorian "Hidden Mother/Post-Mortem" photos. Not just creepy, creeeeeeeepy. She's now been dubbed Black Veil, and it's very odd that she's still wearing a smoldered and burnt mask. It's been a couple days since the fire at the Lodge, right? Did the mask melt to her face in the fire, or are Alison masks on backorder? Also, and I can't be the only person thinking this, but if Black Veil is Alison or Courtney... why does she need to wear an Alison/Courtney mask? Hiding in a plain sight? Someone else entirely? Deusexmachinawhat?!? Oh...
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Who is "Red Coat?"
Okay... so Mona basically admits that she thought Red Coat was Alison at first. But she was on lots of meds. The meds were changed, and now she realizes that Red Coat was Cece. Well, at least the Red Coat that visited her in the hospital right after she was sent there. But the one that flew the plane and everything in the Season 3's finale... She's not so sure. Someone pulled her from the fire... but was it really Alison, or just someone wearing an Alison mask... like, say... Black Veil?
Status: UN-Certain.


Ali's "new" old room
Two Eiffel Towers? One for each twin, perhaps?

Ali's Room Pretty Little Liars
Is that poster trying to tell us something?

Les Petites Filles Ont Tout Le Plaisir... Girls Have All the Fun. Just the symbology of this is striking. It reminds me of the cover of Ali's Pretty Little Lies, and could be a subtle nod to the existence of a twin. Or just a subtle nod to the books. Either way... Tres Interessant, N'est Ce Pas?

Mrs. DiLaurentis Pretty Little Liars
Look, it's a zombie!

Mrs. DiLaurentis is back and she's acting STRANGE. Her comment to Hanna was really rude, but I'm guessing she's still bitter over that whole misunderstanding that happened right after Alison disappeared. I get that, but then she tells Emily how people avoiding talking about Alison isn't nice, it's WEAK. Hmmm... Just the sound of her voice for a second when she says that. A little overbearing, neurotic, and sliiiiightly crazy. And then she turns into a zombie. No, seriously. I didn't hear anything about a Walking Dead crossover, so what was that all about? She was just staring at Spencer with that incredibly blank expression. She's kinda creepy. Not as bad as Black Veil, but still.

Pretty Little Liars
Welcome to the club, Mona!
Looks like Mona is officially one of the liars. Black Veil collects dolls, and Mona made the shelf. Oh, and those girls from the beginning when Mona shows them her lair... WEIRD.

Next week's episode is titled "Turn of the Shoe." Until then...Kisses!