Peanut: 8 Months

by - 6/20/2013

Has another month gone by already? This little Peanut is growing and changing everyday. It's unbelievably cool watching her discover this world of ours... what she likes and what she doesn't, amidst bouts of crying, bouncing with an open-mouth grin, unabashedly tasting everyone and everything she meets, crawling and cruising all over the place, and snuggling with mommy and daddy when she needs a break from moving. 

I got this...

8 things for 8 months...

Peanut & Daddy

1. She has said her first words!!! "Daddy" and "Hi" and a lot of other jibberish. She knows exactly who Mommy and Daddy are... but she's so excited that she can say it, she calls everyone Daddy. I'm sure "Mommy" is next. No, really. It's next, right?

2. And she's mobile... crawling all over the place.

caught trying to supervise bottle-making...
"My taste buds are a little more refined..."

3. We've finally introduced protein... and she doesn't really like it. It's so much fun trying to get her to eat it. There were airplanes, chicken sounds, and the chicken express complete with all sorts of chugging and choo-chooing. Who doesn't like chicken?!? But oddly enough, the only other thing she's iffy about is squash. She loves sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, bananas, peaches, apples, blueberries, and carrots. She used to like rice, but I think the flavored foods have won her over.

Hi, Mommy!

 4. She's still a stinker. I've tried to put her in the crib with hopes that she'll get tired and take a nap, but no. I'm not sure what it is, but she doesn't nap for me on the weekends like she does at daycare on the weekdays. Is it a conspiracy? Either way, now that she can lift herself up and crawl, she's started peering through the "bars" of her "cell." 

I see you.

You want to play, right?

I know that's why you're here.


I think she'll be a stinker for a little while longer forever. I can't say I'm disappointed. For such a little peanut, she can really make me laugh!

Really Mom?

5. She's been sitting up really well. So well, that we've ditched the mesh hammock during bathtime, AND we're splashing on the other side of the tub.

Okay, you can show this one off. But only this one.


 6. Pierre. <3

7. Frankencheek. <3

Mmm. Brains.

8. She's really getting so big. I can't believe how big she is now compared with when we brought her home... and she's so incredibly active. Most outfit changes happen while she's on her stomach, some while she's crawling away. She's on the move and she doesn't want to stop for anything! Her little personality is really starting to take shape, and it's incredibly cool watching that happen.

First Night Home

8 Months

I see you.

Taking it all in.

I can wave now, too! See ya!!!

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