Pretty Little Liars: "Cat's Cradle" (4x3)

by - 6/26/2013

It was Walter Scott who said, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." The threads holding this mystery together are simultaneously tangling and unraveling. Cat's Cradle is a VERY appropriate metaphor for all the suspicious activity in Rosewood. Everyone on the board is a suspect. At least, according to Agent Holbrook.

PLL Cat's Cradle Evidence Board
Everyone's a Suspect

Last night, we met the creepy mask maker. Turns out, Alison had a mold of her face made. She wanted masks for her "friends" and ordered El Creepo to break the mold afterwards. The mask maker mentions that Alison served as the model for Joan of Arc. Emily has a mold made of her own face to gain all this information. Mr. Creepy sees her as the perfect face for Medusa.

PLL Cat's Cradle Em's Mold
Em's Mold

While Em is getting her plaster facial, Hanna does some snooping. She finds an interesting mold in the back. Turns out Melissa posed for a mask, too. This leads Spencer to wonder whether Ali followed Melissa or Melissa followed Ali... Then Hanna cryptically suggests... "Maybe they went together." Judging by the face makeup, I'd guess Melissa served as Cleopatra or an Egyptian Goddess.

PLL Cat's Cradle Melissa Mold
Hey, Melissa! Fancy meeting you here.

Because of last week's incident, Emily is going for a checkup with her Doctor. During the visit, she can't keep her lies straight. Later, Em has a confrontation with her mom outside of school, leading someone to call Child Services. You can bet that someone is "A," because later in the episode, Em's dad is called home as well. Is this the part where we ship Em off to those awesome straight-edge relatives like in the books?

PLL 4x3 Text from A to Aria
Text to Aria from "A"

One mean mommy at a time? So, clearly "A" is behind Emily's recent drama, and I think we can all agree that Hanna's mom is likely being framed by "A" for Wilden's murder.

Anything Goes, especially when you're not around!

Hanna keeps catching her mom in lie after lie, leading her to believe that her Mom is being framed for Wilden's murder. Caleb talks to Mr. Marin and finds out that Ashley visited him the night Wilden died. She wanted a lot of money that he didn't have to give her. And about that gun of his...

Anyway... the drama with Mama Fields and Mother Marin could be why Aria was so quick to ship Ella off to another country. If she's in Vienna, she can't be targeted, right?

At the moment, Spencer's mom is safe, but Toby's Mom? Spencer and Toby broke into Radley to investigate their findings from the file. Turns out "A" gave them something useful for once. No way could someone have jumped from that window and cleared the roof below. Spencer surmises that Toby's mother was pushed out of the window. Or jumped from a different window. Either way, something's not right about the report. The next step is finding the Doc who wrote it and badgering him with questions.

And speaking of questions... Not a THING on our list has been answered. Pfft.  


Is Alison really alive?
Was Toby's Mom murdered?
Did Ashley kill Wilden?
Who is Black Veil?
Who is Red Coat?
Who is Beach Hottie/Board Shorts?
Where was Mona?
Who killed Wilden?

My Thoughts:

After this episode, I feel we're being pushed into believing that Ashley is a murderer and that Melissa is really "A." Melissa was thought to be "A" in the books for a long time. She knows more than she's saying, but I think there might've been something to that conversation with Spencer towards the end of the episode. I think she might be trying to protect Spencer and the other girls. She just doesn't want to put all of her cards out there. The fact that there's a Melissa mold could mean that someone's been running around impersonating her.

Alison, Courtney, and the masks? I feel like the masks are foreshadowing Alison being a twin. They are also an interesting way to be able to find subtle differences between two ALMOST identical twins. In the books, Maya notices that Alison's picture changes, but it's brushed by so quickly, nothing is made of it. In the books, Courtney was killed by Alison, but what if the series is taking the approach of Courtney faking her death? It would certainly add interest if Courtney and Alison were both alive, one "A" helping the girls and giving them clues, and the other "A" tormenting them, trying to kill them.

Black Veil, Red Coat... Queen of Hearts... all of this is starting to sound like one big chess game. It's almost impossible to know what side anyone is on when the producers can just deus ex machina themselves out of a corner.

Where was Mona? I missed her this week. I'm hoping she gets more screen time next week.

According to the previews, we'll be meeting Mr. Never Back Down's partner... Lieutenant Tanner. She makes a snarky comment about the way the girls dress, but the scene explains what the FBI is really doing in Rosewood. They're looking for the connection between the four Pretty Little Liars and all those dead bodies. Will they find "A" before the girls?

Until next week and the 4th episode of the season, "Face Time," or "How long until Emily masks are spotted everywhere?" (You know you were thinking it!)

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