Pretty Little Liars: "A is for A-l-i-v-e" (4x1)

by - 6/13/2013

Okay, as far as season premieres go... this was a pretty good one. Pretty Little Liars has definitely dialed it up a notch or ten... In typical PLL tradition, we had plenty more questions thrown at us for each one that was answered. It's about to get spoilery, so if you haven't watched the premiere yet... go watch it and then come back!

Q: Who/What's in the Trunk?
I did say I was pretty sure it was a body, right? So... they found the body of a very dead and bloody pig in the trunk. While this was an extreme waste of a good pig roast opportunity, it was excellent foreshadowing. And not in the let's-cut-off-its-head-and-it'll-scare-A-away-Lord-of-the-Flies kind of way. A "dead piggy" is just what we got a few moments later. RIP Wilden. We won't miss you.
Status: Answered!

Q: Who is the Queen of Hearts?
Wrong on all 3 tries. Who knew that there were 2 of them? Wilden and Melissa.
Status: Answered!

PLL Queen of Hearts

Q: Is Alison really alive?
Well, the title of the premiere is "A is for A-L-I-V-E..." but that doesn't guarantee it means nothing.
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Toby, the lighter, and his "new direction." (I know, this isn't really a question.) 
Who else was really annoyed that Toby would sell all the girls out, just like that? No conference or anything... let's just drop off the Mystery Machine for this person who not only tried to kill your girlfriend, but possibly tried to frame you for the lodge fire, and oh yeah... might've been involved in your Mom's death? Oh, Toby. Pull.It.Together.

PLL Toby gives up Mona's lair
And FYI... your inspection is overdue.

In other news... that lighter... was it a subtle nod to Hitchcock's North by Northwest? A late 50's thriller about mistaken identity? Hmmm... makes me wonder about that twin thing. Oo
Status: Answered. For the most part. It all has something to do with his mom. I smell a new seeeeeecret!

Q: Why will we hate Ashley Marin?
Is it because of her phone being in Wilden's coffin? She definitely ran him over, but it's not her fault that he was shot multiple times and moved from where he was originally killed. Is it?!? Could it be that before she mowed him down, she was secretly still seeing him?
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Who is the girl in the black veil?
And this is where it gets creepy...

PLL Black Veil

PLL Black Veil

You can't really make out too much here... but I'd like to point something out from the very end of the episode. You know, that part at the end of every episode where we see gloved hands doing something, leading us to believe it's A/Mona/RedCoat? Well, this time...

PLL Black Veil
That's a nice veil you've got... Fab-u-plastic!

PLL Black Veil
Char-broiled doesn't look good on you. Points for the veil, though...

PLL Black Veil
There ARE other masks in the sea. Just sayin'.

I didn't actually notice it 'til I lightened these screenshots, but plastic Alison-face is wearing a black veil, very similar to the one that creeper was wearing at Wilden's funeral. She's creepy, and it really reminds me of those old Victorian "Hidden Mother/Post-Mortem" photos. Not just creepy, creeeeeeeepy. She's now been dubbed Black Veil, and it's very odd that she's still wearing a smoldered and burnt mask. It's been a couple days since the fire at the Lodge, right? Did the mask melt to her face in the fire, or are Alison masks on backorder? Also, and I can't be the only person thinking this, but if Black Veil is Alison or Courtney... why does she need to wear an Alison/Courtney mask? Hiding in a plain sight? Someone else entirely? Deusexmachinawhat?!? Oh...
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Who is "Red Coat?"
Okay... so Mona basically admits that she thought Red Coat was Alison at first. But she was on lots of meds. The meds were changed, and now she realizes that Red Coat was Cece. Well, at least the Red Coat that visited her in the hospital right after she was sent there. But the one that flew the plane and everything in the Season 3's finale... She's not so sure. Someone pulled her from the fire... but was it really Alison, or just someone wearing an Alison mask... like, say... Black Veil?
Status: UN-Certain.


Ali's "new" old room
Two Eiffel Towers? One for each twin, perhaps?

Ali's Room Pretty Little Liars
Is that poster trying to tell us something?

Les Petites Filles Ont Tout Le Plaisir... Girls Have All the Fun. Just the symbology of this is striking. It reminds me of the cover of Ali's Pretty Little Lies, and could be a subtle nod to the existence of a twin. Or just a subtle nod to the books. Either way... Tres Interessant, N'est Ce Pas?

Mrs. DiLaurentis Pretty Little Liars
Look, it's a zombie!

Mrs. DiLaurentis is back and she's acting STRANGE. Her comment to Hanna was really rude, but I'm guessing she's still bitter over that whole misunderstanding that happened right after Alison disappeared. I get that, but then she tells Emily how people avoiding talking about Alison isn't nice, it's WEAK. Hmmm... Just the sound of her voice for a second when she says that. A little overbearing, neurotic, and sliiiiightly crazy. And then she turns into a zombie. No, seriously. I didn't hear anything about a Walking Dead crossover, so what was that all about? She was just staring at Spencer with that incredibly blank expression. She's kinda creepy. Not as bad as Black Veil, but still.

Pretty Little Liars
Welcome to the club, Mona!
Looks like Mona is officially one of the liars. Black Veil collects dolls, and Mona made the shelf. Oh, and those girls from the beginning when Mona shows them her lair... WEIRD.

Next week's episode is titled "Turn of the Shoe." Until then...Kisses!

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