Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Predictions

by - 6/11/2013

Pretty Little Liars is finally back tonight! It's the start of Season 4, and supposedly we're going to get some answers. Here are my predictions...

Q: Who/What's in the Trunk?
My Prediction: Pretty sure it's a body. Possibly a very water-logged body. I'd have to go with Cece, Jason, Wilden, or Noel. Unless we're introducing the twin thing on the show. If so, all bets are off. Cece was in a hurry to leave town the last time we saw her, Jason has been MIA since leaving the hospital, Wilden is just shady in general, and Noel... he's more of a recent theory. I'm 98% sold on the fact that there's a body in the trunk. It was my first thought while watching last season's finale, considering the looks on their faces. 

What's in the Trunk?
"two can keep a secret if one of them is dead..."

Pretty Little Liars Queen of Hearts

Q: Who is the Queen of Hearts? 
My Prediction: Jason DiLaurentis, Lucas Gottesman, or Wren Kingston. I would really hope that it wasn't Toby, considering he was supposed to be protecting Spencer, not trying to throw her off a train. Jason makes sense, because he's got good potential for being the person Aria stabbed. Lucas has been up to no good lately, but I like to think of him as just a minor pawn, not really bad or evil. Wren is another good contender... he shows up at the most interesting places and shows an awful lot of interest in the girls.

Alive and Red Coat?
really alive... or just a ghost?

Q: Is Alison really alive?
My Prediction: Well, the title of the premiere is "A is for A-L-I-V-E..." but that doesn't guarantee it. Alison could be dead or alive. She may or may not have a twin in the series. Said twin may or may not be alive. Still following along? There are a lot of differences in the back story of the show that differ greatly from the books. It's been rumored that we'll be seeing more of Sasha Pieterse, so perhaps she really is alive. Maybe "A" or "red coat" targeted her first. It would be interesting to see the timeline be altered and have the PLL's team up with Alison to fight against "A" or "Red Coat" that's her twin.

Toby Cavanaugh
Toby Cavanaugh played by Keegan Allen

Pretty Little Lighter
Was this lighter used to start the fire?

Q: Toby, the lighter, and his "new direction."
My Prediction: I was glad that Toby was really in it to help Spencer. The thing is, we were told that he definitely wasn't good. And then he was good. And now he's not good again? What's next... he has a twin? An evil twin? If he was all about protecting Spencer before, that means that he's headed down a different path. Does it have anything to do with his mom? Maybe his sister? Could it be that Alison and Toby planned the "Jenna Thing," unintentionally blinding Jenna in the process? Was he really just helping Mona, or does "A" have something on him, too? And what's the significance of the lighter?

Ashley Marin
Laura Leighton as Ashley Marin

Q: Why will we hate Ashley Marin?
My Prediction: Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna Marin, claims that we're not going to like her mom very much this season. Umm... she's stolen money from the bank, run over Wilden, and she's still managed to be a sympathetic character. What could she do that would make us hate her? More importantly, what could she do to make Hanna hate her? In the books, her job is transferred and she leaves Hanna to live with her father. I think Laura Leighton is waaaay to popular on the show to have her off-screen.

Meet Black Veil
Alison... is that you?!?

Q: Who is the girl in the black veil?
My Prediction: Could this be Alison? Could it be Courtney? Alison pretending to be Courtney? Courtney pretending to be Alison?!? Just a random girl? Maybe someone we've already met attending the funeral of the body-in-the-trunk?

Q: Who is "Red Coat?"
My Prediction: According to Janel Parrish, Red Coat might not be "A." Huh? Does this mean they're going with the twin storyline? Maybe it all played out like it did in the books, except Courtney didn't really die, and she's Red Coat, but crazy Alison is "A." Or maybe the other way around...  

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres tonight on ABC Family at 8PM. I can't wait to watch and finally get some answers... even if it's only going to lead to more questions!

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