Pretty Little Liars: "Turn of the Shoe" (4x2)

by - 6/24/2013

So, the 2nd episode of the 4th season of Pretty Little Liars... "Turn of the Shoe" aired last Tuesday. In addition to a few new details about Wilden's death... we were given snippets of the new mysteries of the season. Did we answer any questions from last week, or just ask a WHOLE bunch of new ones? Read on to find out...

Alison DiLaurentis
Alison DiLaurentis c/o ABC Family
Q: Is Alison really alive?
No idea. Although, wasn't that little flashback interesting? Alison wanted to have a sleepover at her beach house, and her mother wouldn't let her. So, let's hold our breath 'til we pass out and hit our face on the sidewalk, 'cause we're five years old. Doesn't dear Ali know that as soon as she passes out, she'll start breathing again? Supposedly, this is a game that Ali mastered when she was five to get what she wanted. Some people even think that maybe, when we saw that hand come out of the ground, it not only belonged to Ali, but this scene reveals the fact that she could hold her breath for a really long time. I'm not sold... not yet, anyway.
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Was Toby's Mom really murdered? (NEW!)
All of this Toby's Mom stuff is completely new. When Ali was buried for the 2nd time, we learned that Toby's Mom was dead. Other than that, this seems like a new mini-mystery that might expose something pertinent to Ali's case... but I can't say that I see her being involved.
Status: UN-Answered.

Ashley Marin
Ashley Marin c/o ABC Family

Q: Why will we hate Ashley Marin?
Umm... because she killed Wilden? She's super shady? She trashed an innocent pair of heels? I have a little theory about this. I think Ashley might be the Red Coat that saved the girls from the fire. I'm thinking Wilden might've set it. But I don't think she killed Wilden. Maybe she followed Hanna and Aria when they sank his car? I think she's just a red herring.
Status: UN-Answered.

Pretty Little Liars Black Veil
"Black Veil" c/o ABC Family
Q: Who is the girl in the black veil?
The girls seem to think it was Melissa, but I'm not buying it. I like to think that it was Alison/Courtney or A. I think that Melissa may be up to something, but I don't think killing her own sister is on her To-Do list. I think her involvement has to do with the video from Season 1, NAT club, and something the older kids all knew about, but the Liars did not. Like... maybe... a twin?!?
Status: UN-Answered.
Q: Who is "Red Coat?"
I was really hoping they wouldn't go there... but I think there might be more than one Red Coat. I don't want this to be true... but I have a feeling that there's a Red Coat that is bad and a Red Coat that's good... but the good Red Coat probably has no idea about bad Red Coat. I think good Red Coat could very well be Ashley Marin. She got really involved towards the end of last season, so maybe she's been following the girls in order to protect them. Stranger things have happened...
Status: UN-CertAin.

Mona Vanderwaal c/o ABC Family

Q: Can Mona be trusted?
I think so. A Mona doll was added to the shelf last week, and Plastic-Ali-Black-Veil-A-Red-Coat tried to choke and kill her. Or maybe just scare the crap out of her. I think Mona's actually in just as much trouble as the Liars, if not more. She knows a lot... too much, maybe? Welcome to the club, M!
Status: I'm saying yes.

Q: Who is the "Beach Hottie" aka "Board Shorts?"
The Beach Hottie was mentioned last season as one of Ali's flings. Possibly Wilden according to CeCe. Other contenders include Toby and Noel. Apparently we'll find out this season, hence the parrot bringing up "Board Shorts" and singing his phone number. Anyone else totally think the bird was a goner at the end? I know I did... :)
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Will Emily get the scholarship?
Ummm... I'm thinking, no. Something about banging your head into the wall, testing positive for pain killers, and not finishing the race. Plus, A can't let Emily go away... and certainly not to happily-ever-after land with Paige! Where would the fun be in that?!?
Status: UN-Answered.

Q: Who killed Wilden? 
Was it A? Was it Red Coat? Was it Black Veil? Are any of those the same person, different people, or multiple people? I don't think we've been given enough info yet. I'm sure "A" had a hand in it, and I'm thinking he/she is trying to frame Ashley for it. And the plot thickens...
Status: UN-Answered.

Creepy Mask Maker Pretty Little Liars
The "Official" Alison Mask-Maker c/o ABC Family

Next episode... "Cat's Cradle" or, "We get to meet the creepy mask-maker!"

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