Sephora by OPI: Discontinued?!?

by - 6/20/2013

together no longer?!?

Seriously? This is kind of surprising to me, and hasn't really been confirmed by official PR yet, but, yeah. If you believe the buzz around the blogosphere, this partnership is no longer. Further fuel for the rumors... check out their weekly sale. All SOPI polishes are on sale for "up to 50% off, online and in-store, while supplies last." Sigh. Why must they always discontinue brands/lines I love?!? Shop hard and fast... I'm sure they'll sell out quickly.

UPDATE: Just saw Michelle from All Lacquered Up confirm this on Facebook. And she knows these things! At the moment, you can buy 3 for $10... so shop, Shop, SHOP! Normally these bottles were $9.50 a pop!

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