Pretty Little Liars: "Crash & Burn, Girl" (4x7)

by - 7/24/2013

I think we might actually be moving somewhere. Slowly. But we're moving! We picked up the pace a tiny little bit in this episode compared to last week. Toby and Caleb played Hardy Boys, Ashley Benson continued to deliver some great emotional scenes, and Spencer, Aria, and Em were there for her every step of the way.

PLL Crash & Burn, Girl (4x7) Aria Montgomery

Connor's car was vandalized last week, and this week, Mike looked to be the vandal, but alas, it wasn't him. He claimed that he wished he would've done it. He should've done it. While all of that was going on, Vice Principal Hackett behaved a bit unethically, questioning Aria about Mike's illness and pills. Ezra stepped in and saved the day for Mike, calling out Hackett's behavior. All of the charges were dropped and Mike swore to be there for Aria next time.

She served as a liaison between her mother and Hanna, communicating what news she could. Unfortunately, she was the one to deliver the news about Hanna's mom looking at Voluntary Manslaughter at best or 1st Degree Murder at worst. She and Toby had a few brief asides while Taleb played detective.


Poor girl. She was a mess last week and not much changed this week. Last night's episode featured her coming to terms with her mother's arrest for Wilden's murder. Most of her scenes were emotionally charged, and Spencer, Aria, and Emily were right there by her side.

She is definitely fighting to lose the title of "weakest link." She risked her Mom's job and stole the key to Wilden's apartment from the police station.

Pretty Little Liars Crash & Burn, Girl Wilden's Apartment Key

Pretty Little Liars Crash & Burn, Girl Emily Fields

Along with the help of Aria and Spencer, the 3 girls broke into Wilden's apartment to search for clues. Wearing gloves, they discover a package in Wilden's apartment. Steaks sent from A to Wilden, and they were definitely rotten. Someone was watching them during the search, most likely A, considering the text Emily received later that evening.

Pretty Little Liars Crash & Burn, Girl Text from A to Emily

The episode ended with a car crashing into Emily's living room, nearly mowing down Mrs. Fields. Fortunately, neither of them were hurt.

Toby & Caleb
The boyfriends teamed up Hardy Boys style to figure out this question...

Pretty Little Liars Crash & Burn, Girl Post-It

Umm... well, either that or WHO is A? They started with the plane that landed at Thornhill the night of the fire at the lodge. They got some interesting information from Nigel Wright... the boy behind the lighter.

Pretty Little Liars NW Lighter

Pretty Little Liars NW or Nigel Wright

Taleb questioned Nigel about the flight information for the plane, and he fed them a bogus story. Later, Toby realized Nigel knew an awful lot about that night, so the two returned to confront him. He admitted that he was paid to change the flight information and feed a particular story if anyone inquired about the flight. He claimed that CeCe Drake was the person who asked him to do it, then freaked out and ran out of the office, but he didn't run fast enough. Caleb managed to lift Nigel's phone. Later, they cracked his password and found the numbers he was calling, including one immediately after the fire.

After that, Nigel made Lady Gray tea for a mystery person. When he set the cup down, he warned mystery person that it was hot, and we saw these accessories.

PLL Crash & Burn, Girl Is Jenna Blind Again?

Best Quote:

"I play lacrosse, it's a tiny little stick."
- Mike Montgomery

My Thoughts:

Pretty sure Ezra was the man with the bat. Go Fitz! 

I'm glad that we're FINALLY addressing CeCe Drake. Is she A, on the A team, Red Coat, Black Veil, or just another red herring? And what is her connection to anything, really? Spencer surmises that CeCe killed Wilden, because she was trying to get away from him when she left town. Seems a bit coincidental. And then there's what Toby said... What would she have against the girls? She might know something about Ali, maybe she drove her out of town to meet someone. I'm not sure how she could fit into everything. She got pretty chummy with the girls, but there was also that incident with Spencer and the snake, so... Oo.

Emily really should've thought before swiping that key, but I like that she's trying to be more bold. Someone was watching the girls while they were in the apartment, but who? A? Someone pretending to be A? Perhaps... the cops? That package was obviously at Wilden's for a long time. How did the police overlook it? Did A plant it after they had searched? What would the point in that be? I just... I don't understand that.

Emily's mom is the latest in the string of family-related incidents being blamed on A. I'm pretty sure this one actually was A, although I don't really know what the girls found in the apartment, or what A thinks they found or know. Could taking the parents out of the way be some FBI manipulated scheme to get the girls to finally admit that A came back? Is A trying to get rid of the parents to get to the Liars?

That whole "Where is A" Post-It. I get searching for A, but aren't they searching for the WHO not the WHERE? Or are the boys really just trying to find all the stuff from the lair? And why would you write it so blatantly on a Post-It when you know that A sees all AND has a temper?

What's the deal with all the blind accessories and Lady Gray tea? Are we to believe that Jenna is back to being blind, so she's back to being evil? Or could it be that Black Veil is blind because of the fire? Or could Red Coat be blind? I just... I don't know.  Maybe Jenna is still trying to get info for Melissa and protect the girls?

Let me just say, that in watching this show, My idea is that the clues should add up so viewers can figure out whodunnit in true murder-mystery style. Rosewood is turning into a big old mess of secrets, lies, red herrings, and dead bodies. Does all of it somehow connect into the bigger Alison DiLaurentis mystery? I have no idea, and I sometimes get frustrated at the lack of answers, but I still find myself tuning in every week. I have to admit, despite the frustration, I really do love PLL. There. I said it.

Next week's episode is The Guilty Girl's Handbook. And if you watched the preview, you saw that devious Mona is back! And teaching Hanna how to admit that she was the one who killed Wilden... Oh, Hanna. I feel like I keep saying that this season. Until then... Kisses!


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