Pretty Little Liars: "Face Time" (4x4)

by - 7/08/2013

Last night's episode "Face Time" tackled more of the masked mystery going on in Rosewood.

Most of the episode centered around Aria and Spencer following Melissa and getting answers. Why did she have a mask made and what does she know? Using Melissa's mold as bait, they followed her straight to Hector Lime's studio. Melissa hauled a bag full of her castings out of Hector's studio and proceeded to break them against the pier.

Spencer casually walked over to her as she broke the last few castings and threw the pieces into the water. The sisters had an intense conversation, and Melissa admitted quite a few things to Spencer. Like...

Melissa wasn't sure it was Mona in the Alison mask, but she had her suspicions.  Shana became involved in everything when Melissa asked where to get a custom mask made. Shana recommended Hector Lime. Melissa then traded her face to Hector for information, just like Emily did in the last episode. Melissa was interested in knowing WHEN Alison's mask was cast... before or after she disappeared.

Spencer also questioned Melissa about Wilden and the Halloween Train, obviously wanting to know if it was Melissa who tried to kill her. According to Melissa, that Queen of Hearts was indeed Wilden, and "none of us helped him, we were afraid of him." Apparently, the NAT club was being blackmailed by Wilden over something, but Melissa seems pretty sure that Wilden was answering to someone else.

In regards to the fire, Melissa sent Jenna and Shana to watch over the girls, not to hurt them. That's what the heated conversation at Jenna's was really about. The 3 of them wanted to find out who the girls were going to meet. Melissa claimed that Wilden started the fire, and Jenna and Shana didn't see who saved the Liars.  Basically, they don't know if Red Coat save them, much less if Red Coat is truly Alison.

During their discussion, Spencer got a little angry at Melissa, demanding to know why she didn't step up and do something to help her. After all, she's her sister. Melissa angrily shouted, "I've been protecting you since it started. Since before it started." Hmmm...
Meanwhile, Aria has been keeping an eye on Hector, and what does she find? A row of Alison, and Alison, and Alison...

Aria finds multiple castings of Alison PLL
I broke the mold, not the castings.

According to Hector, he broke the mold, but not the castings. So, he technically followed Alison's instructions. He claims that he didn't tell Melissa as much information as he told the girls, but he doesn't really say what he neglected to tell her. In his flashback, Hector remembers Alison being in a hurry, demanding the money he owed her. She was driven to his studio by someone else, but he never saw the driver. He mentions that this was the summer she disappeared, but doesn't reveal the exact date.

Aria leaves the studio to tell Spencer what she's learned, and finds Spencer on the pier. Melissa has already gone, and Spencer seems to believe what her sister told her. The scene ends with a flash down to the pieces of the mask in the water...

Melissa's broken castings
Should've broken me down a bit more...

Emily spent most of the episode dealing with more fallout from Child Services investigating her family, and Hanna tried her best to play Nancy Drew, but failed. Towards the end of the episode, A sent this message to Spencer and Aria...

According to A... Melissa's not A
Not really necessary, but thanks for sharing.

By the time this text is sent, it's pretty apparent that Melissa isn't A. Soooo, thanks anyway, A.

Pretty Little Liars Melissa Mask
Hello, Melissa

We saw Melissa break up the pieces of her castings, but unfortunately, the pieces aren't small enough. A seems to have fished them out of the water, and is gluing them back together in the end credits.


Is Alison really alive?
Was Toby's Mom murdered?
Did Ashley kill Wilden?
Who is Black Veil?
Who is Red Coat?
Who is Beach Hottie/Board Shorts?
Where was Mona?
Who killed Wilden?

My Thoughts:

Okay... so we set the scene last week to doubt Melissa, and this episode pretty much cleared her of being A. But did she kill Wilden? It's definitely possible. She did tell Spencer to "Let it Go." And as far as protecting her... what exactly is Melissa protecting her and the girls from? Alison and her twin? In the books, Melissa knew that Alison had a twin, and kept that knowledge secret for quite a while.

I still think there's a big possibility that Alison faked her death, or the endgame is the same as the books... After all, does it really matter HOW we get there?

I'm thinking that Mrs. Cavanaugh was probably murdered because she knew about the switch, Twin Courtney, Radley Alison/Courtney, etc. Dr. Palmer says that he told her to stay away from the blonde girl. If he were on the staff at the time, he would know exactly what issues the blonde girl was suffering from.

Poor Ashley is just getting set up left and right for Wilden's murder. I don't think she did it, but I have to wonder if A is blackmailing her with the bank theft information. Hanna's attempts to help the situation were admirable, but she's really only making things worse.

Mona was again, MIA for this episode. Maybe next week?

On to the previews for next week... I'm proud to say that an Emily mask has been spotted!

A as Emily Pretty Little Liars
Totally called it.

Pretty sure that Emily is being framed for something... but what? Killing Wilden? Killing Alison? Wearing a Red Hooded Coat and Black Gloves? And why in that preview, did it look like the car was coming straight into her living room?!? First Hanna, now Em...?

Next week's episode, "Gamma Zeta Die," looks to be a bit more lively than this past episode.Until then... Kisses!


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