Pretty Little Liars: "Gamma, Zeta, Die!" (4x5)

by - 7/10/2013

Oh Hanna. Who didn't see that train wreck of an ending coming? I thought last week's episode was a lot of info download and filler... but this one has it beat, for sure.

She rocked a super-cute tie skirt, something that I've wanted to make for a WHILE. She was focused on getting her mom to go to Vienna, especially after the Bee Attack from "A." Aria convinces Byron to talk to Ella. Mike is back after being missing for a few seasons, and Ella is going to Vienna again. At least for the moment. Byron can put in some "overtime" and handle Aria and Mike. Moving On...

She's pretty convinced that she's not getting a swim scholarship, so she takes the sorority route. Apparently they give scholarships to non-legacy high school seniors, and it's not considered dirty rushing. Panhellenic, what? Anyway. Her attempts to get funding for college lead us to learn about an evil house mother, Carla Grunwald. From what I understood, the paddle was supposed to be hers...

PLL Grunwald's Paddle
Grunwald's Paddle

Looks like she was in school around the late 50's, early 60's. And check out that name on the handle... Allyson? Not a very typical spelling for that time period if you ask me, but it's also not how A. DiLaurentis spells her name. (Alison.) Above the paddle was this lovely mask...

PLL Grunwald's Mask
Grunwald's Mask?

Not sure if this belonged to Grunwald, but it set a nice tone for the story of her being an all-seeing evil house mother. 

Is looking for the number Alison called at Cicero college, and finds out that it's a number on frat row. By sheer coincidence, the house party Emily wants to attend is the very same place where Spencer finds a creepy "fallout bunker," and what she thinks is the number that Ali was calling.

Grunwald's Bunker at Cicero - Pretty Little Liars
Calling Aria from the Bunker

Grunwald's Bunker at Cicero - Pretty Little Liars
Scratch, Scratch, Scratch...

Spencer also finds some creepy scratch marks on the door, and gets the feeling like she's being watched. Which, she should be used to, considering A is always watching, but still. She turns around and surprise, surprise, there's No.One.There. Hmmph.

Her nightmare opened the episode, and apparently, it kept her up all night. This led her to the discovery of the missing muddy shoes, and Ashley's locked closet. Hannakins can't leave well enough alone, so she picks the lock. And here is what she finds...

Tom Marin's Gun - Pretty Little Liars
The "Skeleton" in Ashley's Closet

So, instead of just leaving the gun where she found it, she touches it frequently enough that her prints are probably all over it. She puts it in her bag and takes it with her to Cicero, where she plans to get rid of it. At the frat party, she grabs a pitcher to use as a shovel, runs out to the woods, and sets out to bury the gun.

And the cops catch her in the act. She's taken in the police car, and Emily and Spencer get this text from A...

Text from A - Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 5
A is behind everything, it seems.

Yikes. We knew nothing good was going to come of Hanna's attempts at channeling Nancy Drew.


A Lot. Going forward, I'll cover answers instead, as we get them. Sure didn't get any this episode though.

My Thoughts:

I still think Ashley's being framed for Wilden's murder. That much hasn't changed. I'm honestly a little lost for ideas on who might've killed him, other than the obvious "A" The bodies are certainly piling up, and even I'm curious as to how it's all going to be tied together.

I have no idea what to make of this Grunwald person in context to the mysteries of Pretty Little Liars. She is listed as a recurring character on Ravenswood, so I guess we're introducing the elements for that spinoff. Her and her bunker could likely be just another subplot that will lead to more questions, and perhaps small answers into the bigger mystery arcs.

This episode was probably one of the most lackluster in a while. I get that Ravenswood is going to be a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars, but I guess I wasn't thinking they'd link the two together for an extended back-door pilot. I'm excited to see what Ravenswood is all about, but not really at the expense of PLL screen time. And please... I know I can't be the only one who misses Mona terribly! Where has she been?!?

Until next week, then. "Under the Gun," picks up where we left off.

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