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Pretty Little Liars: "The Guilty Girl's Handbook" (4x8)

Summer 2013 is turning into a drawn-out Wilden whodunnit season. And it's moving veeeeeeery sloooooooowly. That being said, his death is definitely connected to the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis. I'm 88% sure of it. Last week's episode had a little bit of action. This week's episode was mainly exposition topped with more exposition.

Her brother Mike started taking self-defense classes with Jake. According to Jake, the guys on his lacrosse team were giving him a hard time. She's worried about him going out after a game, but Jake kept her company. Awww.

The Guilty Girl's Handbook PLL 4x8 Spencer Hastings
All Hail Gryffindor!
She found her mom's intern with a couple of boxes from Wilden's case in her kitchen. They were sent to the house by mistake, so Spencer did a little digging. Turned out, when Wilden was just an Officer, he investigated Toby's mom's death. Eddie Lamb was working at Radley that night, so he was interviewed. By Wilden. Wilden's interview with Eddie differs from that of Dr. Palmer. Was Wilden dirty? Spencer seemed to think so, and offered that opinion to her mother.

PLL 4x8 The Guilty Girl's Handbook
Wilden's Interview with Eddie Lamb

After A sent that car crashing through her living room last week, she and her mom moved into a motel. Emily still met with Ezra and Zoe regarding college options. Emily was taking current events in stride, but her mother broke down when Em suggested heading to Nicaragua for the summer.

PLL 4x8 The Guilty Girl's Handbook Hanna Marin
Hanna will protect her Mom at all costs.

Helpful Hanna didn't slow down a bit last night. When the judge refused to grant Ashley bail, Hanna decided to take matters into her own hands. Again. She broke out the big guns and went to Mona for help.

PLL 4x8 The Guilty Girl's Handbook Mona Vanderwaal
Mona ALWAYS has a plan.

She coached Hanna through all the steps of confessing to Wilden's murder and making it sound legit. Thankfully, Caleb derailed the Hanna train pretty quickly, but Mona had another trick up her sleeve. Towards the end of the episode, she waltzed into the police station and confessed to killing Wilden.

Best Quote:

"Me, Spencer, the others, we all tell lies... but you're the only one who actually knows how to live in a lie."
- Hanna Marin


Can we pick up the pace? Just a little bit? Pleeeease?!? I feel like Wilden's murder is really being drawn out. I hope it's worth it.

If I had to say who killed Wilden, my frontrunners are Cece and Melissa. A looooot of people had motive, though.

Mona really stepped it up this episode. It was nice to see her being there for Hanna. She probably knew the whole time that Hanna couldn't and wouldn't really go through with it. It was nice to see the two girls as friends again. A little weird, considering all the stuff that happened when Mona was A, but still nice. Her confession should definitely earn her some points with the Liars.

The previews show Jenna face-down in the water. Will she die? I'm thinking yes. Remember a couple of weeks ago, when she seemed to think she was in danger? AND... she was killed off in the books, so why not in the TV series? In the books, the reasoning was that she knew about the twins. Is that the same knowledge she claims to have on the show? Or does she know that Alison is alive, like a few other characters suspect?

Next week's episode is titled, "Into the Deep." Could that be foreshadowing Jenna's death? Yes. No. Maybe. We'll see.



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