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Hard Candy Fall 2013

I've been on the hunt for Fall 2013 Nail Collections at just about every store near me. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on 9 new shades in the Hard Candy display!  * Denotes New Shades Hard Candy Polish Crushed Chromes left to right: Crush on Pink, Crush on Gold, Crush on Hot Pink*, Crush on Amethyst, Crush on Ivy, Crush on Caribbean, Crush on Raisin, Crush on Tin, Crush on Lava. Itzy Glitzy left to right: Little Bo Pink, Piece of Papaya, Little Hottie, Teeny Greeny, Touch of Teal*, Bitty Blue, Lil Lilac, Pee Wee Purple, Bite of Black* Crystal Confetti left to right: Birthday Bash, Bridal Party*, Emerald's Eve*, Black Tie Optional, Jubilee, Hip Hip Hooray, Celebrate Sequins, Masquerade, Fireworks Glitteratzi left to right: Glitter Jam, So So Sequin, Mermaid Magic, Fun N Festive, Glamour Girl, Tinsel Town, Party Lights, Party Central, Sparkle City Candy Sprinkles left to right: Sweet Tooth, Pink Taffy, Pixie Pink, Gummy Green, Cotton Cand

Fangirl Friday: 8.30.13

TGIF! 1. This polish went straight to my wishlist thee second I saw it on Nail Polish Wars . The purple flaky gorgeousness that is The Uptown needs to be mine... c/o Nail Polish Wars Polishes like this that just gloooow... Love.Them. I need more like this STAT! 2. September is just two days away, and I've been on the hunt for Fall polish collection for 2 weeks, now! YIKES! Where did this summer go? I've seriously been stalking the local drugstores for the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rent the Runway collection. I'm also on the lookout for Pumpkin Polishes at RiteAid, Wet 'n Wild Tombstone polishes, the NYC Hero Collection, and the Fingerpaints Au Pair Collection. So, of course, when I went to WalMart yesterday, I happened upon 9 new Hard Candy polishes, instead. Go fig. 3. Ummm... Pretty Little Liars crazy reveAls anyone? Everyone and their mom saw CeCe Drake as Red Coat coming, but Ezra? Really?!? I'm glad I'm not too far into re-watching, because

Pretty Little Liars: "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" (4x12) RECAP

WhoA. Tuesday night's Mid-Season Finale did nawt disappoint. We picked up speed when Emily disappeared, and didn't slow down one bit. Last week's Hoedown has nothing on all the crAzies delivered this week! Remember last week when Travis finally came forward about what he saw? The Liars were all discussing it at Spencer's, when a package arrived at the door, addressed to all of them. Message from A A Magic-8 Ball for each Liar with a message from A... "If She Goes Free" - Hanna "You'll Hear From Me" - Spencer "Kisses" - Emily "A" - Aria Spencer wondered if this meant World War A. Travis told Rosewood PD that he saw Mrs. Marin leave Wilden BEFORE he heard the gunshots. This week, it was time to pick her out of a lineup. After a nervous moment, he correctly picked Ashley out of the lineup. The D.A. came over to personally drop all charges against Momma Marin. Ashley's Free! Cut to Mr. Fitz talking