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CoverGirl Capitol Collection Looks 2013

CoverGirl Capitol Collection Mission Statement
Collection Statement

8.14.13 - CoverGirl is being super-secretive about the long-awaited Capitol Collection. We haven't heard anything product specific yet, and probably won't until all 12 looks have been revealed. According to this article, the collection will contain, "Panem-inspired nail polish, nail decals, mascara, lip gloss, and more..."

10.1.13 - Collection pics and Looks revealed. Keep reading for updated information and links!

CoverGirl Capitol Collection District Looks

District 1: Luxury

CoverGirl Lasting Love

District 2: Masonry

CoverGirl Black Heat, Non-Stop Stone, and Seared Bronze

Catching Fire District 3 Look
District 3: Technology

CoverGirl Midnight Magic

District 4: Fishing

CoverGirl Mint Mojito, Out of the Blue, Eternal Oceans, and Vio-Last

District 5: Power

CoverGirl Grapevine, Eternal Oceans, Constant Caribbean, Sulfur Blaze, and Flamed Out

District 6: Transportation

CoverGirl Violet Flicker, Seared Bronze Nail Art Stickers

District 7: Lumber

CoverGirl: Seared Bronze

Catching Fire District 8 Look
District 8: Textiles

CoverGirl Rogue Red, Flamed Out, Pyro Pink

District 9: Grain

CoverGirl Always Naked

District 10: Livestock

CoverGirl Toasted Almond

District 11: Agriculture

CoverGirl Everbloom

District 12: Coal Mining

District 12: CoverGirl Bronze Beauty


10.7.13 - CoverGirl unlocked Looks for District 7, 9, & 11. 
10.3.13 - CoverGirl unlocked Looks for District 2, 6, & 10.
10.1.13 - My take on the Glosstinis.
10.1.13 - Fashionista previews Capitol Collection.
10.1.13 - CoverGirl site lists all Limited Edition Capitol Collection Glosstini Shades.
10.1.13 - CoverGirl unlocked Looks for District 3, 8, & 12.
9.24.13 - CoverGirl released District 5 Photo on Instagram.
9.14.13 - CoverGirl Capitol Collection Official Site
8.23.13 - CoverGirl released Look for District 12. Site page will unlock 10/1/13.
8.13.13 - CoverGirl released Looks for District 1 and District 4.

District 1: Luxury
I love the incorporation of gold, decadence, and the frizzy hair, reminiscent of the wigs of our forefathers. Porcelain skin, a bold lip, classic red nails, and overthetop baubles and accoutrements on a face that looks thoroughly jaded. Not only did CoverGirl capture the image of District 1, but also the air of importance and entitlement that goes along with residing there.

District 2: Masonry 
This might be the masonry district, but this look doesn't let us forget the OTHER responsibility of District 2. Training Capitol Peacekeepers. It also incorporates a little bit of flair, showing just how close District 2 is to the Capitol, not just in proximity, but beliefs. The nail look is a sparkly glitter gradient in black and grey. Very reminiscent of granite. Pretty.

District 3: Technology
The Technology look is clean, minimalistic, and metallic. I love the eyebrows. The nail look features studs and CoverGirl Midnight Magic, a shade I probably wouldn't give a second glance, to be honest. Pair it with studs and it's a whole different look. I like that the nail art isn't too involved. It's a look everyone can achieve with a little bit of patience.  

District 4: Fishing
I REALLY like this look. Is it the Pisces in me or some hidden desire to be a Mermaid? I'm not sure. If you were to describe this look without seeing it, it would sound strange. Without context, and outside the world of Panem, it's a very bold look. Set it inside the world of Panem, compare it to the District 1 Look, and it's more subdued, almost natural. To go along with the Fishing theme, the District 4 Look features a water-marble manicure.

District 5: Power 
The image was released on CoverGirl's Instagram, but has yet to be unlocked "officially." Covergirl equates power with electricity for a neon look. The makeup is very throwback 80s, specifically Jem and the Holograms. Although, this reminds me more of a Misfits look. It has that edge to it. The nail art is a straight-line mosaic formed by using tape and 5 different polishes. It's a neat look that I've been meaning to try, I just need some manicure tape.

District 6: Transportation
The cosmic blush in this look is neat. I like it. Honestly, there wasn't too much mentioned about District 6 in the books, so I can't say I had many expectations or ideas of what it would look like. The books mention face painting, and this certainly shows with a little flare around her eyebrows, and glowing brush. The nail look is the first to use the Nail Art Stickers, the Seared Bronze design along with Violet Flicker, one of the Limited Edition Glosstinis. There's another color on her nail, although the name isn't listed. Pyro Pink is probably as close as you could get with the Limited Edition shades. I'm honestly surprised they didn't mention the name of the other shade.

District 7: Lumber
I love this look. It's a bit more forestry than lumber in my opinion, but it has a definite earthiness to it. It's a mix of moss, straw, grass, and wood all in one. The eyeshadow borrows a little bit from the District 12 look, but is definitely more bold. As for the nail look, CoverGirl Seared Bronze is the featured polish, but there's an accent nail with foil or perhaps bark? I'm not really sure, and it's difficult to see.

District 8: Textiles
This sweater looks so comfy and warm, and I'm really digging that these days. CoverGirl paired the giant fluffy sweater with a gradient/ombre manicure using 3 new shades from the Capitol Collection. I'm a little disappointed that this look didn't contain flocking powder or any sort of textile. I'm guessing that's because CoverGirl doesn't currently do textured polishes, and when it comes down to it, texture is a love it or leave it sort of trend. Gradient manis are a great form of nail art that actually look more complicated than they are.  

District 9: Grains
This looks contains mainly nudes and creams and is pretty tame. Aside from the gold eyebrow pencil accents, this could easily be an everyday look. I'm not really sure why straw and burlap were added into the mix with her braids, but grains do come in burlap bags, sooooo... yeah. The nails are a creamy neutral taupe that would look good on any skin tone. Accent nails feature braided yarn affixed to the nails. It wouldn't be hard to re-create this look, but there's no tutorial on how to do it.

District 10: Livestock
So far, this is my favorite look, minus the hair. I love, Love, LOVE all the feathers and even the style of makeup! Not sure if it's because I'm part crow, or what. The nail look features one of CoverGirl's core Nail Gloss colors with feathers and baubles attached. The site only mentions the name of the shade, but doesn't go into detail on the feathers or the rhinestones. I think they cover rhinestone and stud application in some of the other nail looks, but nothing so far about feathers. Luckily, there are a few good tutorials available here, here, and here.

District 11: Agriculture
Ummm... yeah. District 11 is located in the south, and it's where the bulk of produce is grown. It was home to Rue, lots of Tracker Jackers, and fruits and veggies. I'm not sure if this look is trying to depict the orchards Rue worked in, or what. I don't visualize Agriculture when I look at it. Nawt.At.All. The site claims that the inspiration was freshness and blossoms, but it's just soooo pink. And then there's the nail look... Everbloom? Is that a nod to Everdeen? Pink nails make me think roses... like President Snow... but he prefers white roses. Don't get me wrong, flowers are definitely a part of Agriculture... but I think fruits and veggies when I picture District 11.

District 12: Coal Mining
This look is more Mockinjay than Mining. A fresh face with bright eyes, dark clothing covered in feathers, and shiny black accessories to mimic the look of coal. You can't see the nails clearly, but it looks like different black and white tribal patterns with some sort of texture. Maybe studs? District 12 is home to heroine Katniss, so I'm a little surprised that this is the 3rd look to be revealed. I'm also a little disappointed that it pays so much homage to Katniss as the Mockinjay, and not Coal Mining, the "specialty" of District 12. The nail look features Bronze Beauty, a Glosstini from the Core Collection that would fit in well with the Capitol Collection Glosstinis. Clear and black gems add a little sparkle and interest on top, and are right on theme. While I like what Bronze Beauty brings to this mani, I would've preferred Black Heat from the Capitol Collection of Glosstinis as the base. More coal-ish, you know?

Final Thoughts:
Overall, I think CoverGirl did a good job. It was interesting to see visual interpretations of the Districts. Some of the makeup looks were more edgy than others, and they did a good job of mixing up the looks.

That being said...

I think they should've used more of the items from the Capitol Collection in each of the looks. Only 5 out of 12 nail looks featured polishes from the Capitol Collection. And while I'm on the subject of the nail looks, I'm not crazy about showing Nail Art as part of a look, and not describing how to achieve that look. Especially when some of the nail looks featured tutorials. I also think they could've mixed up the finishes on the Glosstinis. But those are pretty minor details, you know? For the most part, I really do like the collection and its looks. I always enjoy seeing books come to life, but having read the series, I'm that much more critical!
Which District Look is your favorite?

Photos c/o CoverGirl


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