Fangirl Friday: 8.16.13

by - 8/16/2013

1. Michelle Mismas from All Lacquered Up knows her nail polish. She's been blogging for over 5 years, and if you've ever searched for swatches, you've seen her nails. She collaborated with Rescue Beauty Lounge for their first Blogger Collection in 2009, creating Mismas, a non-existant purple polish she had been lemming. Recently, Michelle was approached by Sally Beauty, the makers of Fingerpaints, to collaborate on an ENTIRE collection. If that isn't cool enough, she just blogged about the experience, which is an incredible look at the creative process from conception to completion.  

c/o All Lacquered Up

2. You know how celebrities are always spotted in crazy expensive basic tee shirts that look ohsocomfortable? I'm totally with Macklemore that some brands just aren't worth shelling out the cash to cover the price tag. BUT... If you're looking for super comfortable, stylish, AND affordable tee shirts... you need to check out Threads 4 Thought. Basic tees and tanks for women start at $10 a pop.

c/o Threads 4 Thought

Do they sell more expensive items? Sure. But most of their stuff is incredibly affordable, AND I've found Threads 4 Thought at TJ Maxx and Marshall's at great prices. Did I mention that their clothes are also Sustainable? Totally recycled, comfy, stylish, affordable, and vintage soft. Plus, if your shirts make you claw your neck raw, these tees (and most of their tops) are little tagless wonders. Let them hug you. You'll like it, I promise. :)

No scratchies here.

3. This little face...

It's her newest, and funniest face yet! It cracks me up every time.

4. This trick...

She was SO proud of herself, the first time she did this, smiling from ear-to-ear! Now, she pulls the bib over the head if it has a snap, but if it's a velcro bib? Well, she just rips those right off! 

5. So, after watching The Mirror Has Three Faces, I've decided I must watch every episode of Pretty Little Liars again... and maybe again after that! Luckily, Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix. Woohoo!

Here's to dreaming about Ali & Co. for another couple of nights. I can't say that I'm having any more luck finding A or Red Coat in my dreamschemes than the girls are on the show. If you aren't watching... you totally should be! Please, make me feel better about my addiction... (watchWatchWATCH!!!)

I'm a fangirl. Are you?

What are you a shameless Fangirl of this week?!?

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