Fangirl Friday: 8.30.13

by - 8/30/2013


1. This polish went straight to my wishlist thee second I saw it on Nail Polish Wars. The purple flaky gorgeousness that is The Uptown needs to be mine...

c/o Nail Polish Wars

Polishes like this that just gloooow... Love.Them. I need more like this STAT!

2. September is just two days away, and I've been on the hunt for Fall polish collection for 2 weeks, now! YIKES! Where did this summer go? I've seriously been stalking the local drugstores for the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rent the Runway collection. I'm also on the lookout for Pumpkin Polishes at RiteAid, Wet 'n Wild Tombstone polishes, the NYC Hero Collection, and the Fingerpaints Au Pair Collection. So, of course, when I went to WalMart yesterday, I happened upon 9 new Hard Candy polishes, instead. Go fig.

3. Ummm... Pretty Little Liars crazy reveAls anyone? Everyone and their mom saw CeCe Drake as Red Coat coming, but Ezra? Really?!? I'm glad I'm not too far into re-watching, because I need to start all over again from the top. And take notes. :)

In case you missed it, or just want to relive all the action over again, check out my recap here. I promise I'll be posting thoughts and theories soon!

4. I haven't pinned a lot of recipes lately, but I really want to try this one. It has a couple of my faves in it, so it has to be superyummy, right?

c/o Nat the Fat Rat
Just look at it. Even from inside my monitor, it's begging to be devoured. I get major foodie envy when I read Nat the Fat Rat. Likeallthetime. It makes me crave daytime at night, concrete sidewalks for days, and all. And that's saying awholelot considering my love for squishing grass between my toes.

5. If I'm having a bad day, need a laugh, or a distraction... there's a ton of funnies on the Berry. It's basically Chive4Girls. :)

Mr. Sparkle has been a Chiver for a while now, and that's how I found their sister site The Berry.

And this...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I have to admit, I was kind of excited to move earlier this summer, because I was sure I'd find a ton upon a TON of hairties. I found two. TWO! Damn house elf.

Me & Inkiphone II. missyou.
That's what I'm fangirling this week. How 'bout you?

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