Hard Candy Fall 2013

by - 8/30/2013

I've been on the hunt for Fall 2013 Nail Collections at just about every store near me. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on 9 new shades in the Hard Candy display!  * Denotes New Shades

Hard Candy Fall 2013 Nail Display
Hard Candy Polish

Hard Candy New Crushed Chromes
Crushed Chromes
left to right: Crush on Pink, Crush on Gold, Crush on Hot Pink*, Crush on Amethyst, Crush on Ivy, Crush on Caribbean, Crush on Raisin, Crush on Tin, Crush on Lava.

Hard Candy New Itzy Glitz
Itzy Glitzy
left to right: Little Bo Pink, Piece of Papaya, Little Hottie, Teeny Greeny, Touch of Teal*, Bitty Blue, Lil Lilac, Pee Wee Purple, Bite of Black*

Hard Candy New Crystal Confetti
Crystal Confetti
left to right: Birthday Bash, Bridal Party*, Emerald's Eve*, Black Tie Optional, Jubilee, Hip Hip Hooray, Celebrate Sequins, Masquerade, Fireworks

Hard Candy New Glitteratzi
left to right: Glitter Jam, So So Sequin, Mermaid Magic, Fun N Festive, Glamour Girl, Tinsel Town, Party Lights, Party Central, Sparkle City

Hard Candy New Candy Sprinkles
Candy Sprinkles
left to right: Sweet Tooth, Pink Taffy, Pixie Pink, Gummy Green, Cotton Candy Pink, Jaw Breaker*, Sweet Tart*, Pop Rocker*, Candy Coated*

* Denotes New Shades

I picked up Emerald's Eve. Sweet Tart and Bite of Black were the only two new polishes NOT stocked when I saw the display. I can't say I'm too interested in Sweet Tart, but look at Bite of Black... so preeeeeetty.

Hard Candy Bite of Black
c/o Hard Candy
With the addition of 9 new shades to the permanent display, that meant 9 shades had to be discontinued. Will they be back next Spring? I wouldn't count on it. If you've been wanting these and you see them, I would pick them up while you still can!

Hard Candy Discontinued Spring 2013 Nail Polish
left to right: Cocoa Smore, Jelly Bean Blue, Peach Pop, Sugar Rush, Fire Flash, Sparked Up, Pinch of Spice, Shot of Lemon, Crush on Copper

Have you spotted any of the new Hard Candy polishes at your WalMart?

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