Peanut: 10 Months

by - 8/20/2013

10 Months... Peanut has officially done as much time on the outside as she did on the inside... and she's come so far since then! So, 10 Things for 10 Months...

RAWR! I'm gonna get you!!!

1. She reeeeally has trouble staying still. She's crawling all over the place, and she's gotten pretty fast. I'm constantly chasing her.

How'd I get here? I'd rather not say...

Hi, Mommy!

2. In addition to crawling, she's pulling herself up onto everything. It doesn't matter if she can barely reach up to grab it, it's 2 feet tall, or 6 inches off the ground. This little lady wants to be on her feet likerightnow!

3. She's liking protein more and more. So far, she's had chicken, beef, and turkey. But then we tried Mac 'n Cheese 'n Veggies and that was a HUGE hit. :)

4. She has turned into a Cheerio FIEND. Seriously. Anyone know a good program we can enroll her into? She SCREAMS for them. We're having a little trouble with the concept of one-at-a-time at Chez Sparkle.

5. We're at 7.5 teeth so far, with at least 2 more on the way. Teething is no bueno, but Peanut seems to be doing okay with it. She's generally only fussy 'til the tooth pops through the gums. (knockonwood) She likes to chomp, Chomp, CHOMP on everything AND everyone. I haven't found any articles on infant vampirism yet, but I'm still holding out hope.

6. Peanut's personality is developing more and more everyday. She's an awesomesauce baby most of the time, but sometimes... when she puts on her fussypants... watch out! But no matter how fussy, sad, grumpy, or downright angry she gets... It usually doesn't last too long. Mr. Sparkle and I are VERY blessed.

7. She wasn't that crazy about A Turtle's Tale 2. I can't say that I was either. Thankfully, it came out on Netflix so we could preview it before I ordered the DVD. So glad, because I would MUCH rather buy the first one. Even a 10-month old knows that some things aren't better the 2nd time around. Just sayin'.

Peanut & Pierre = Besties

8. Pierre's still a favorite, but we're also loving Franklin Sammy and our yellow Kacheek. 

This bouncer is getting a liiiiiittle crowded.

9. She FINALLY said Mama! She now says Mama, Dada, and Baba quite frequently. I wouldn't be surprised if Cheerio is next!

Really, Mom? I mean... Reeeally?!?

10. Being on-the-move and not-holding-still means that my little Peanut is not as fond of posing for pics as she used to be. You know, when she couldn't really move or have any say in the matter. She loved this outfit, I know it! Okay, maybe not. But she really did like this one...


How could you not? Wouldn't you love wearing a tutu on any random day of the week? No? Okay. Justmethen.

See ya next time!

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