Pretty Little Liars: 10 Biggest ReveAls

by - 8/27/2013

According to producers, these are the top 9 reveals on the show so far... with tonight's Season 4 Finale reveal supposedly clocking in as the #1 Biggest.Reveal.Yet. That's definitely debatable, but let's take a look at other PLL Reveals that made the list...

10. Ezra is Aria's Teacher - "Pilot" (1x1)
After Ezria's steamy bathroom bar hookup, Ezra turned out to be Mr. Fitz, Aria's English teacher. He thought she was older, and she never corrected him. This wasn't too big of a shock for fans of the book series. But if you were watching without that knowledge, I guess it was pretty surprising.

9. Melissa fakes her pregnancy - "Kingdom of the Blind" (3x3)
She had a miscarriage the day after Ian died. She was planning on telling Spencer, but A planted Ian's phone in Spencer's purse, making Melissa think Spencer was pretending to be Ian. I'm not sure that this one was a really big reveal. It made sense in retrospect, but I don't recall ever questioning her pregnancy. There were so many other plots to concentrate on!

8. Toby is Dead - "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" (3x21)
While Spencer was running around in the woods, she found a dead body and mistook it for Toby. She checked the ID by tattoo, but didn't take off John Doe's helmet. Later, we learned that Toby was alive and well. John Doe was just a body A made look like Toby. Twisted. I'm not sure that many fans really bought into Toby being dead. We've been duped before, so we're a skeptical bunch. :)

7. Hanna finds her mother's gun - "Gamma Zeta Die!" (4x5)
Hanna found a gun in her mother's locked closet. She took it in an attempt to bury it, but only ended up making things worse. Her mother was arrested for Wilden's murder, the gun turned out to be her father's, and Ashley's fingerprints were on the bullets. Later, we found out that someone, (no doubt, A) was framing Ashley for Wilden's murder. I guess I figured that Hanna was going to find something in the locked closet, but I never suspected Ashley of killing Wilden. It seemed like a setup from the beginning, and poor Hanna just kept taking the bait as A laid it out.

6. Emily finds out about Maya's death - "UnmAsked" (2x25)
At the very end of the episode, the police found a body, and they thought it was Maya. Her death was later confirmed, and we found out who was responsible in the Season 3 Mid-Season Finale, "The Lady Killer." (3x12) Maya's death was really thrown in at the last minute possible. I thought the producers might kill Mona like in the books, but killing Maya was an interesting twist.

5. Spencer is on the A-team - "I'm Your Puppet" (3x23)
Spencer joined the A-team* to find out more about Alison. Mona tempted her with Ali's journal entries and other information that she found out during her stint as A. I wouldn't have thought Spencer would ever join the A-team, until circumstances in this episode happened. It made sense that she would be curious about those journal entries and whatever else Mona offered her in exchange for kidnapping Malcolm.

*Just an interesting observation, Mona and Toby are on the A-Team (Capital T), while Spencer is on the A-team (lowercase t.) Are there really 2 separate teams, or is it just a typo? (I'm thinking typo.)

4. Ali is pulled out of a grave - "A DAngerous GAme" (3x24)
Originally, we saw Ali's hand reach out of the grave in Season 3's Halloween Episode, "This is a Dark Ride." (3x13) In the Season 3 Finale, we saw a hand grab Ali's hand, seemingly pulling her out of a grave. This was a pretty big shock, as viewers assumed that Ali had been buried alive in the gazebo hole in the backyard. Granted, the image shows what we believe to be Ali's hand coming out of the dirt, grabbing onto another hand. We take the image to mean that she was pulled out, but we have yet to actually see that happen. Also, the image above says a grave, not thee grave. We really have no context for this image at all, so it's not a definite that Ali's alive, or that either hand belongs to her.

3. Mona is on the A-Team - "UnmAsked" (2x25)
Mona was revealed to be A at the end of Season 2. Spencer figured it out first and was given a chance to join the team. She declined, the two struggled, Mona fell of a cliff, but lived. She was later committed to Radley Sanitarium. Mona was the first A in the book series, so this wasn't too much of a shocker. I think a lot of viewers were actually upset that producers lied about Mona being A. We learned not to trust the producers so much. Thankfully, they switched it up a little bit from the book plot, and Mona lived.

2. Toby is on the A-Team - "The Lady Killer" (3x12)
Toby was revealed to be a member of the A team during the Season 3 Mid-Season Finale, touted as the BetrAyer by ABC Family. Later on in Season 3, we learned he only did it to keep Spencer and her friends safe. Aww. This was a pretty big deal when it happened, although fans suspected he had good intentions from the second after this episode aired.

1. ??????????????? - "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" (4x12)
Could it FINALLY be the ReveAl of Red Coat? Is Ali alive? Does Ali have a twin? By 9PM tonight, we'll know the answer. (We hope!)

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