Pretty Little Liars: "Bring Down the Hoe" (4x11)

by - 8/21/2013

The penultimate episode of this summer season has aired, and I don't know about you... but I was looking for a little more drama, and a little less two-step. The Mirror Has Three Faces picked up the pace last week, while last night's episode stalled out several times, and narrowly avoided falling flat.

Pretty Little Liars 4x11

The episode opened with the girls discussing the crawl space over lunch at school. Lieutenant Tanner joined them, telling them about the muddy Manolo found at Em's house. Visibly upset, Hanna excused herself to the bathroom. The girls figured it must be part of the plot to frame Ashley for Wilden's murder.

Spencer, Emily, and Aria investigated the crawl space under Casa De DiLaurentis. Aria almost had her eye poked out when an unknown assailant began stabbing at the holes in the floor with a knitting needle. And for the record, at the exact time, Mrs. D was shopping with Hanna.

PLL Travis

In other Hanna news, her "stalker" Travis turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He saw Ashley drive away that night, BEFORE any gunshots were fired. His Dad and Wilden had bad blood, and he was afraid his Dad would be implicated in the murder. A left money on the seat of his truck to keep him quiet, but he gave it to Hanna when his conscience got the better of him. By the end of the episode, Hanna convinced him to come clean about what he saw.

PLL 4x11

While Em was packing to leave the DiLaurentis House, she remembered a conversation with Ali. While painting Em's toenails, Ali claimed to have to break up with a boy for a friend of hers, and that boy pulled a gun on her. Em asked if he went to Rosewood, and Ali answered, "Not anymore." Em mentioned this to Spencer afterwards, thinking that she originally got it wrong. Had Cece been dating Wilden, too? Could Wilden have been the boy with the gun?

CeCe Drake 4x11 Pretty Little Liars

In the very next scene, we saw CeCe in A's lair, leaving the following message on someone's phone... "Hello... Where are you? I'm not waiting here forever. And I sure as hell am NOT going back to Rosewood. Call Me." The camera panned over to reveal a Red Coat hanging on the chair. But was it thee Red Coat?

PLL 4x11 Red Coat

Pretty Little Liars 4x11 Spoby

Spencer and Toby were still on the hunt for information about Toby's mom. A put a CD in Toby's car, a recording of one of his mother's sessions with Dr. Palmer. Toby immediately thought there might be more recordings, and wanted to investigate further. A frustrated Spencer wanted to stop him from following A's bread crumb trail. She finally told the other Liars why Toby gave the lair to A. At the dance, Toby and Spencer argued over that fact, and Toby stormed off, headed off on another lead from A. Spence asked Caleb to follow Toby, to make sure he wouldn't do anything stupid. In the end, Spencer was right. A had called the cops, and Toby almost got caught breaking into Dr. Palmer's old car. Caleb saved him just in time.

Pretty Little Liars Spencer & Emily

While at the hoedown, Emily spotted A. She and Spencer tried to follow her. They saw someone running off around the bend in the road, and decided to give chase in the hayride truck. Spencer tried to put the car in gear, but a lump in the hay moved toward the window behind them. They assumed that it was Red Coat, and Emily grabbed a garden hoe, indiscriminately whacking the hay with the pointed edge. They found a Red Coat, but no one was inside it.

Pretty Little Liars Jake & Aria

Jake and Aria had a couple of cute scenes. He surprised her with a pair of boots, they line-danced, and Jake kinda threatened Ezra, who just happened to be chaperoning the Hoedown. Aria tried to move on with Jake, but she ended up at Ezra's apartment after the dance.

Pretty Little Liars Ezra & Aria 4x11

Emily and Paige were still dealing with the fact that they aren't going to be at the same school next year. Rather than break up now, they decided to enjoy the time they have left together. They danced together as the hoedown comes to an end.

CeCe Drake Black Hoodie

At the very end of the episode, we saw someone dressed in black listening outside of Ezra's apartment. The camera panned up, revealing CeCe, in a black hoodie. In the next scene, gloved hands were knitting a small sweater, handling dolls of each of the liars. As the camera panned off of the dolls, the owner of those gloved hands stabbed one of the dolls with the knitting needle.

PLL 4x11 End Credit Dolls

Best Quote

"Sometimes people don't have a choice. A friend of mine was involved with this scary dude. She couldn't do it, so I stepped in. But the bitch didn't tell me he had a gun. Which he pulled on me."
- Alison DiLaurentis

My Thoughts

Did you see what I didn't see on Alison's vanity?

Pretty Little Vanity
Where did the bows get to?

 Oh, and about that nail polish...

Alison's Vanity PLL 4x11

I guess Alison wasn't big into nail polish... or maybe these are just her favorites. :) Those swirly capped bottles belong to the now-discontinued line of Borghese Nail Lacquer. If I had to venture a guess... I'd say that pretty pastel blue is from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. It might be Something, but I think it's probably Pool Boy. Board Shorts, anyone?


The producers are going to a LOT of trouble to set up CeCe as Red Coat. And they've been doing it for the past couple of episodes. It makes me really doubt that she's actually Red Coat. Is Red Coat the new Black Hoodie?

CeCe Drake Red Coat

Rumor has it, everything the girls thought they knew about A and the A-Team is wrong.Oh, and the Finale will have the "biggest reveal yet" in PLL History. CeCe as Red Coat isn't exactly shocking at this point.

Does Red Coat just mean red herring? If CeCe is Red Coat, and she murdered Wilden, was it related to Alison's death/disappearance or was it an isolated event?

I miss Mona. I'm glad that her doll was included at the end, but still. More Mona! Pleaseandthankyou.

It wasn't Mrs. D. on the other end of that knitting needle, so who was it? CeCe? Red Coat? Alison? Courtney? Jenna? Jason? Melissa? The residents of Rosewood aren't really lacking in the motive department. 

Aria and Ezra at the end? I'm not loving the two of them as a couple anymore. I started really liking the ease of her relationship with Jake, and then Ezra barges back in. Grrr. And don't get me started on the hoedown dance sequences. It seemed gimmicky, and it kinda was.

The Mid-Season Finale will take us to Ravenswood, where Aria will supposedly disappear during a magic show. If you really watch the previews though, it looks like Em is going to be the one who goes missing. She says something about not knowing where she is. Looks pretty action-packed, though!

Next week's episode, is titled "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" and is the Season 4 mid-season finale.  


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