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Pretty Little Liars "Into the Deep" (4x9)

Ohhh... this season is moving like molasses. But I'm still hooked. I'm not gonna lie. I just wish the producers would give me more to work with for a recap! But here goes, anyway...

At the very end of last week's episode, Mona copped to killing Wilden.

We picked up the morning after where we left off last week... Jake spent the night on Aria's couch. She found out about Mona's confession. They got coffee. At.The.Brew.

Ezra saw Aria and Jake at The Brew, but Aria didn't see him seeing her. Got that? Maggie proceeded to tell Ezra about Grad school in Washington... State, not District of Columbia. Ezra was less than pleased, the two had a little bit of a fight, and Ezra was considering putting up a fight for Malcolm. He consulted Mrs. Hastings, apparently the only lawyer in Rosewood, and we learned that Ezra's name is NOT on Malcolm's birth certificate. Not only that, if Ezra wants Malcolm, the fight will get ugly. Undeterred, Ezra pressed forward.

Mona's confession meant that Hanna's mom was eligible for bail, but nothing is ever that simple in Rosewood. Bail was set at a million dollars, higher than normal because Wilden was a cop. Later, Hanna called her father and tried to get him to post bail, but he either didn't have the money or wasn't interested in helping THAT much. So, Pastor Ted stepped in. 

Unfortunately for Mona, her confession had real consequences. At first, it looked like she was going to make a run for it, with a scene that clipped out as she packed a bag and left her bedroom. Later, we saw her head back to her old room at Radley. #417.

Emily had a meeting with a pro swim coach, all set up by Paige. The coach offered Emily the opportunity to train when she mentioned her injury. Turns out, Paige neglected to tell the coach ALL the details about Em's injury. According to him, the chances of her being ready for scholarship qualifications are very slim. Em handles the news well enough, but was annoyed with Paige for lying.

At school, Sparia overheard a conversation between Jenna and Shana. It was an interesting conversation that led Aria and Spencer (and the audience) to believe that Jenna knows something about Alison that she's not telling, AND the cops might be interested in hearing it. Shana assured her that everything would be okay, and wanted more time to figure out where "she" is. Jenna replied that she didn't have much time left.

While getting ready for Em's party, Aria and Spencer had Paige invite Shana, knowing that Shana would bring Jenna, and maybe they could get her alone to talk to her. Shana wouldn't leave Jenna's side, so Aria confronted her, but Jenna still wouldn't talk.

The cake was served, Em and Aria went outside to find Spencer, but Em ended up finding Jenna face down in the lake. She wasn't breathing, but she also wasn't dead. Jenna was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, while Shana angrily looked on.

"She's not breathing!"

Spencer wanted answers, so she confronted Shana at the hospital. Shana claimed that Alison is dead, and that person who Jenna was so scared of?

 "CeCe Drake." 

Pastor Ted brought desert over to Ashley, and they had a nice moment where she finally came clean about her past with Wilden. He knew she didn't do it, and the two made plans for dinner the next evening.

While things were comfy and cozy at the Marin household, Red Coat lurked outside of the DiLaurentis house. She waited until a figure upstairs turned out the light, and proceeded to unscrew a section of lattice fencing, revealing a secret entrance leading under the front porch.

The episode ended as a red substance spilled, a gloved hand turned a bottle of wine upright, gloved hands played the piano, put a post-it on the sheet music, and slipped them into a manilla envelope with Toby's name on the front.

Red Wine ...or Blood?

Best Quote:

"All I know, is nothing good ever comes from being around you four."
- Shana


Where to begin... I guess I was off about the whole Jenna dying thing. I guess this is a convenient way to deal with Tammin Sursok's real-life pregnancy. You know, without killing off her character. For now.

Regarding Ezra and Malcolm... Wouldn't it be something if Ezra really isn't Malcolm's dad? Like, maybe Maggie just took the money because it was too good an offer to pass up? Either that, or Ezra's attempt at keeping her in Rosewood is going to fail. I feel like the producers are really reaching for ways to keep him on the show. I know he's popular, but... if he and Aria aren't together, there's really no point in him having a storyline. It's just taking valuable time away from all the other mysteries.
And then Aria... poor girl can't really get a good storyline lately. And because of it, she's also lacking the depth she had in previous seasons. Why does it always have to be about a guy? And why can't that guy be Noel? (Sorry, I'm not sorry. I'm a CHRONIC Naria shipper. I blame the books.)

Emily and Paige. Oh, the perils of young love. I feel like Emily's swimming plotline has been beaten to death. And it's been clear to everyone but Emily for at least an episode or 5 that Paige wants her to go to Stanford so the two can be together. I'm not sure if they actually broke up in last night's episode, but that moment was so realistic. You know, that moment when you're still in high school, but you know that college is going to be completely different. And if you're in a relationship... well, you probably won't be when you go off to college? So many people go through this exact situation in real life. It's really awkward and unsettling, and the producers captured that sentiment really well.

That Ashley and Hanna reunion? Loved.It. So much love at the Marin household this week! Pastor Ted and Ashley got cozy and had a lot of cute moments. A lot of theories are going around that he was the one who killed Wilden, but I'm not sure if I buy it. The only shady thing he did was admit to Ashley that he had posted the bail. That was a bit weird. It seemed a bit out of character for him to say that, but maybe he just really wanted her to know how much he cares about her. 

Jenna definitely knows something. Maybe that Alison had a twin. Named Courtney, you know, like in the books? That being said, I don't think that CeCe is Courtney, because it just doesn't make sense. If Alison does have a twin on the show, it would be silly not to let Sasha Pieterse play her.

Shana claims that Jenna is afraid of CeCe Drake, and I think she's telling the truth. But why is Jenna afraid of her? And does she have anything to do with Alison's disappearance? Jenna claims that she should've told the police about Alison... Is that why she ended up face-down in the lake?

And Red Coat... I guess we know that she's the one with the screwdriver at the end of the last episode. But was she drilling holes in the DiLaurentis house or someone else's home? Either way... it seems she has taken up residence underneath the DiLaurentis house. Now, if you have Wanted, Book 8 in the Pretty Little Liars series... just turn to page 239 for this little gem, "Her house of cards collapsed ridiculously fast: police found copies of A's notes to the girls on a cell phone underneath the deck behind the DiLaurentises' new house."

Sooooo... either Alison is really alive and just being incredibly mean, or we're following the plot of the books a little closer than the producers would like to let on. I'd like to think the 2nd, because if Alison is really still alive and faked her disappearance, she really has no reason to be so incredibly mean to her old friends. However, if we follow the plot of the books in which Alison has a twin, and Alison kills that twin for impersonating her... The vengeance against the girls makes more sense.

BUT! The only problem with THAT is the fact that in the books, there's a clear moment when the switch happens, and then Courtney as Alison befriends the girls. There is no moment like that on the TV show that we know of. However, the producers could take another route. What if the switch happened and Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer never even noticed? THEN Alison/Courtney would have an axe to grind. I feel like anything is possible in Rosewood.

Also, last night's episode showed an epilogue with Red Coat, and what appeared to be Black Hoodie again. Are we to assume that Black Hoodie is Mona? The red wine was an interesting touch, but I'm not sure that it proves Mona is back in the hood. And what was the significance of the song?

And let's not forget about Mona just yet.  Oh, how I've missed her... I'm so glad she's had more screen time lately. Please, oh, please producers, do NOT kill off Mona!

I can't be the only one who thinks she's happy to be back at Radley. But why? Is there something else she's trying to investigate? Does she feel safer there? Is she on a mission to help the Liars one at a time?

Until next week's episode... "The Mirror has Three Faces." Triplets. I KNEW IT!*


*Totally joking. But you read it here first if it turns out to be true. :)


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