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Pretty Little Liars: The Mirror Has Three Faces (4x10)

We're FINALLY picking up steam. So much so, that I had to watch last night's episode TWICE. I can't be the only one who had whiplash from all the info the producers chucked our way. Every now and then, they feel the need to give us an information download, and last night's episode certainly heaped on more than "Into the Deep", and then some. I'm not really even sure where to start, so let's just jump right in, shall we?

Mona & Wren
Last week, she headed back to Radley. This week, it was time for a psych evaluation with Wren. She claimed that she killed Wilden because he was bothering her friends, but Wren wasn't buying it. He thought she had stopped taking her meds, and Mona didn't exactly refute that accusation.

Later, Wren had a conversation with Veronica Hastings, giving Spencer's mom a less-than-stellar review of Mona's condition. In complete mama-bear mode, Veronica heads straight to Radley to give Mona a piece of her mind.

Not long after, an anonymous called in a complaint against Veronica for Obstruction of Justice. The caller claimed Mrs. Hastings coerced Mona into confession, forcing her to recuse herself from the case.

Towards the very end of the episode, we witness Wren talking on his phone. He ends the conversation claiming, "you can't trust anyone." Oh, and that "happy" picture from the beginning of the episode? While chatting, he was coloring the coat red.

The Queen of great ideas was at again, asking Caleb to help her get into Radley. He refused, reminding Hanna that Mona is the enemy. Hanna disagreed, but backed off from the Radley idea, at least until the next scene when she tracked Wren down at The Brew. She asked him to get her in to see Mona, and he tried to end the conversation. Hanna persisted, and brought up Wren sneaking CeCe in for a visit. Wren claimed that the night before, a young blonde was turned away from visiting Mona. He assumed it was Hanna, but she told him it wasn't her. Hanna asked him to check the surveillance tapes and let her know who the young blonde was. Wren said he'd try. Hanna left the brew, and we witnessed Wren making a phone call, saying, "Hi. We have a problem. I'll take care of my end, you take care of yours."

Outside, Hanna sent this to the rest of the Liars...

Immediately after hitting send, Hanna spotted Caleb. He was planning on telling Mrs. Hastings everything about A. Hanna freaked, the two had a mini-fight and Caleb confessed that he's just trying to protect Hanna, but he feels like he's not doing a very good job. Hanna seemed to understand how worried he was, and the two kissed and made up. Wren drove by, noticed the kiss, and continued down the street.

Later, Hanna stopped by the DiLaurentis house to see Emily. She heard a few bumps and creaks, like someone walking upstairs. She called out for Emily and Mrs. DiLaurentis, but neither of them were home. She checked out Ali's old room, and admired a ring in her jewelry box. Red Coat took full advantage, and snuck out of the room without alerting Hanna to her presence.

Spencer & Toby
Toby found the envelope prepared for him at the end of the last episode. The music was a song his Mom played for him on the piano as a child. Toby remembered her playing it for him.

Spencer translated the note to mean that Toby should forget about Eddie Lamb, and go for Dr. Palmer. Despite Spencer's misgivings about keeping secrets from her friends, she and Toby paid Dr. Palmer another visit. At first, Dr. Palmer didn't recall anything new. When Spencer played the sheet music, he opened up, seeming to remember a past session with Mrs. Cavanaugh and casting even more doubt about the nature of her death. Just as Spencer asked about the "blonde girl," a nurse came to take Dr. Palmer back to his room, and he believed the session was over. Spencer pressed him, asking if the blonde girl was CeCe Drake. Before he left, he asked the nurse to direct Mrs. DiLaurentis to his office.

After the visit with Dr. Palmer, Spence met up with Hanna and Emily to fill them in on the details. She wanted to ask Mrs. DiLaurentis if she knew Dr. Palmer, but Emily thought it was a bad idea. She stormed out, on her way to work, and Hanna and Spencer followed shortly after. As they were leaving, Mrs. D. stopped them, saying they could stay for dinner, spend the night... and Spencer used the opening to ask about Dr. Palmer. Mrs. DiLaurentis recalled the name, and shared an Ali flashback with Hanna and Spencer.

Mrs. D: Is that what the two of you do when you're not braiding each other's hair? Figure out ways to scare the hell out of me?

Alison: Why are you having a full-on hemorrhage?

Mrs. D: Don't you speak to me that way...

Alison: I don't even know what you're talking about.

Mrs. D: I get a phone call this afternoon, we have your daughter. We think she may be a danger to herself, she wants to stay here. So, I run about 3 stop signs, I'm trying to get your father on the phone, I'm terrified that you've hurt yourself. Then I get there, she's dressed head to toe in your clothes, but it's not my daughter sitting in Radley, it's CeCe Drake.

Alison: I can't believe that crazy bitch actually did it.

Mrs. D: Go to your room. Go to your room, because I can't be held accountable for what happens.

Alison: I didn't even know that she was actually going to do it!

Mrs. D: Well, you enjoy it. Because it's the last game the two of you are going to play together. Even the Doctor I spoke to agreed that this friendship is toxic.

Alison: So are a lot of things.

Mrs. D: That girl is no longer welcome in this house.

We snapped back from the flashback, and Mrs. DiLaurentis continued, explaining that something was off about Ali and CeCe's friendship from the beginning. They didn't just borrow makeup and clothes from each other. According to Mrs. D, they wore each other's personalities.

Early in the episode, Mrs. DiLaurentis invited Emily and her mother to stay at her place, instead of the motel. Emily isn't thrilled about the idea, but the girls convinced her to do it so she could snoop around. She befriended Mrs. DiLaurentis and learned that Mr. DiLaurentis filed for divorce.

Later, a repairman fixed the furnace in the DiLaurentis home, and informs them of a "bigger problem." He discovered evidence of a squatter in the basement. Emily wanted to call the police, but Mrs. D. was sure that the person moved out before Jason moved back in. Emily didn't seem to sure, checking out the hideout where Red Coat has been hiding. She turned out the lights to go upstairs, looked back at the hole one last time, and discovered the holes in the ceiling.

Aria was busy in Philly, using Jake's Regional Meet as an excuse to check out the address Caleb found while digging into that old cable bill. She found a girl moving out of the apartment, CeCe Drake's former roommate.

Aria started up a conversation, and at first, Roomie claimed that CeCe dropped out of UPenn, but Aria either suspected she was lying or knew the truth. Roommate admitted, "Alison got her kicked out, at least, that's what CeCe claimed." Aria wondered out loud if CeCe could've been lying. Roomie surmised, "True, but having met Alison, I could see that chick shoving someone down the stairs. You were at that frat party... Wait, which one are you? In Alison's crew? CeCe always said there were 4 other she-devils."

Aria was visibly taken aback by that sentiment. The party was 3 years ago, and she barely remembered that night. CeCe's roommate replied, "Well, it stayed pretty fresh in CeCe's mind. She assumed you were all in on it and she hated you for it."

Later, as Aria was walking back to the studio for Jake's competition, Ezra called to let her know the bad/good news about Malcolm, but she ignored his call, and opted to enjoy the evening with Jake.

Best Quote:

"Should we, maybe call the police?"
- Emily Fields

My Thoughts:

So overwhelming. I think we got a new bit of information on just about every single plotline with this episode. Sheesh.

What's up with him? Mona seems to think he's on the "wrong side" and he was definitely acting shady in this episode. But who is he working for? Mona as A? New A? Black Hoodie? Black Veil? Red Coat? And if Wren is on the wrong side... why would he have told Hanna about CeCe? Was he lying, or did he just let that accidentally slip?

And after his convo with Hanna, he made a phone call to an unknown someone. Caleb magically appears on the street in front of Hanna, and Wren drives by, insinuating that Caleb is the one Wren called. I understand what he meant by taking care of it on his end, but what about who he was speaking to? And was he talking to the same person on that call as the one at the end of the episode?

She seems to be the one who restricted her visitors. Why? Does she not want anyone to ruin her plan? Or is she just using Radley as a safe house? Is she really trying to help the girls, or is she back to her old "A" ways? She claimed that it was never her plan for Ashley to end up in jail. I can't imagine she would screw that up for Hanna and Ashley, unless she was lying about all of it in the first place.

You are NAWT Nancy Drew. I'll give her credit, though. Hanna has really stepped it up this season, showing that she can be smart and driven when she needs to be. Her passion for helping her mom is sweet, but some of her ideas are just really bad.

She's putting herself in a difficult position by lying to her friends. She is caught between Toby and the girls, and her lies are starting to unravel. According to the previews for next week, it looks like her and Toby might have a fight at the hoedown because of it.

I get him trying to discover the truth about his Mom. It's such an emotional thing for him, but I'm not sure that he should be so trusting of A.

She was sweet to defend Mrs. DiLaurentis, even if she went into the whole situation with not-so-great intentions. Emily is definitely the Care Bear of the crew.

So proud of her for tracking down CeCe's former roommate AND giving Jake a chance.

Jenna Marshall
What does she know? Who tried to kill her? Why is she afraid of CeCe Drake?

Mrs. DiLaurentis
She really misses Alison. That being said, I think she could use some counseling to help her get her life back on track, or she's trying to cover something up. She was pretty quick to dismiss the idea of calling the cops about that whole squatter thing. How does she know that it has nothing to do with Ali? Or is there something else that she doesn't want the cops to find?

Jason DiLaurentis
Where did he disappear to? He's been missing since 3x19, "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted." 15 Episodes since we last saw him... and counting!

CeCe Drake
We're being fed a whole bunch of stuff about CeCe Drake. It makes me think that her as Red Coat = Red Herring and just laughable, but they're really laying it on thick. Are we really supposed to believe that CeCe could've killed Alison? Could the hand that we saw coming out of the ground be CeCe's? She seems crazy enough to pull that kind of prank off, and she liked to pretend to be Ali. Maybe she was wearing her bracelet and pranked Ali that night, and Alison was actually the one who pulled CeCe out of the ground. Either way, we haven't seen her since 3x20, "Hot Water," when she seemed to be getting out of town because of Detective Wilden.

The Frat Party
I went back and watched 1x18, "The Badass Seed," to see the flashback from the frat party. Roomie told Aria that CeCe blamed all the girls for getting her kicked out of UPenn? So, was Alison pretending to be CeCe that night, maybe even using her ID to get into the party? Did she really shove "Tipsy" down the stairs? Did she blame it on CeCe on purpose? Was it an accident? Did someone else try and frame Alison for doing it?

The FlashBack
Mrs. D. tells Spencer and Hanna about the time CeCe Drake dressed in Ali's clothes, pretended to be Alison, and tried to get herself committed at Radley. According to Mrs. D, their friendship was obsessive and toxic... they used to wear each other's personalities. I'm guessing that means they used to pretend to be each other, kind of how twins sometimes do to trick people. Was this a game they played often? Alison claimed that she couldn't believe CeCe actually did it, but she didn't really seem too surprised.

Alison DiLaurentis
Could CeCe really be responsible for her death? Was her death a prank gone horribly wrong? And what if she's alive? If she was the one that got out of the ground that night, was it an elaborate prank to get CeCe back for the Radley Thing? Also, if Alison is really alive, who did they bury both times? Episode 4x14 is titled "Who's in the Box," and it's the Winter Season premiere.

Red Coat
There were a lot of theories floating around about Mrs. DiLaurentis being Red Coat. I don't think that's possible after seeing this episode. She wouldn't need to creep around in a mask in her own home. It could be almost anyone at this point... CeCe, Alison, Paige, Melissa, or maybe even that mysterious twin Courtney from the books! 

Dead Bodies
So, we know that Maya and Nate had their own separate issues. Their deaths had nothing to do with Ali. But everyone else? There are quite a few other bodies, missing persons, and hospitalized persons. Could CeCe really have killed Alison, Ian, Garrett, and Wilden? It just seems unlikely at this point. Does all of it really tie together, or are we dealing with a bunch of separate cases?

Alison DiLaurentis (supposedly)
Ian Thomas
Officer Garrett Reynolds
Detective Darren Wilden

The Arm
I read a couple of rumors, wondering if the hand just out of the frame in the picture could be Courtney, Alison's twin from the books. I don't want to say that's reaching, but...

Some pictures might just be pictures. I haven't seen any other evidence like the collage in Ali's room that suggest a twin exists. And in all honestly, couldn't you see Ali putting Jason's pic in between two of her own and calling him a thorn between two roses? I totally could. She wasn't lacking in the self-love department. 
The Mirror Has Three Faces gave a lot of new information, and sufficiently made my head hurt. Next week's episode, "Bring Down the Hoe," is the penultimate episode of this year's summer season. Game on.



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